Customer Accounts FAQs

My customer is requesting a copy of the University's W-9 form.  Where can I obtain one?

The most recent University W-9 form can be found on the Tax Compliance website in the "Tax Documents On-Line" section. 

My customer is asking me to fill out a vendor/supplier form.  Can I complete and sign it?

The recommended practice is to send your customer a completed W-9 form (see FAQ above for access to this document).  The W-9 is sufficient for companies' purposes since the University of Virginia is a nonprofit educational institution.

If, after providing the W-9, the customer insists that a completed vendor/supplier form is required, please forward the form to Accounts Receivable by email ( for review and signature from the proper University official.  Accounts Receivable may require the requesting department to complete certain portions of the form.

Where can I find the banking information my vendor is requesting?

Contact Accounts Receivable by email ( for a copy of the University's banking instructions that can be forwarded to customers.

My customer wants to pay via ACH/Wire.  How can they do so?

Contact Accounts Receivable by email ( for banking instructions that your customer will need in order to pay via ACH/e-check or wire transfer.

In order to ensure that funds received are correctly identified and credited to the proper account, departments should inform Accounts Receivable of the identity of the vendor and the amount to expect, and provide the GL string where the funds should be deposited.

My customer wants to pay via Credit Card.  How can they accomplish this?

Contact Payment Card Services  or visit the Payment Card Services webpage for additional information on how to accept credit cards at the University. 

My vendor says they have remitted payment but I haven't received it.  What should I do?

Departments should ask their customer which method of payment they used: check, ACH/e-check or wire transfer. 

ACH/e-check or Wire Transfer:

  • If the payment was sent by ACH/e-check or by wire transfer, provide Accounts Receivable with the name of the vendor and the amount of the payment. Accounts Receivable will determine if the payment has been made but deposited in a suspense account awaiting identification of the rightful owner.


  • If the payment was sent via check and the customer says it has been deposited, ask for a copy of the deposited check and send it to Accounts Receivable by email (  Accounts Receivable will attempt to track the payment. 
  • If the check has not yet been deposited, ask the customer to provide the mailing address to which the check was sent.  If the check was not received either in the departmental office or in Accounts Receivable, the customer may need to cancel the check and reissue payment to the University.