How are Named Professorships identified in Workday?

Units will see the Primary Gift linked to the Named Professorship. When Gifts are linked to Named Professorships, the Gift Worktag gets a new “tab” on the Worktag landing page which will allow users to navigate back and forth between Gift and Named Professorship. This does not impact any accounting functionality; it's just to aid in navigation.

The team will be doing ongoing cleanup through October. Initially, the Gifts Team only converted the Primary Gift that schools/units provided, as Workday does not have the capacity to link more than one Gift to a Named Professorship. The team is still investigating other routes we can take to get this data visible in Workday, or whether this information should be stored outside of the system. As a part of this initial exercise, units also provided information on duplicate and old records that need to be removed from Workday, and will collaborate with HCM on this cleanup in October.