How do I expense a personal transaction on a T&E Card?

Personal transactions should not be made with your T&E card, including when Mixing Personal Travel with University Paid Travel. Your card may be suspended and additional training required, if three personal transactions occur in the same year.



If a personal transaction is made on the card, you MUST check the box "Personal Expense" in Workday Expenses. Personal transactions will be deducted from your Payroll. *Please see separate instructions below for non-employee cardholders. 

For university employee cardholders that mistakenly received a reimbursement for a T&E transaction, please follow these steps to correct:

  • Create an expense report in Workday Expenses for the card transactions you were reimbursed. Check the box "Personal Expense". This will deduct the amount of the transaction from the cardholder’s next paycheck.
  • In the Memo field, indicate that the card transaction was expensed as a reimbursement in error.
  • Once the expense report is fully approved, the charge will be sent to Payroll for deduction from the cardholder's paycheck.
Personal Expense



If a personal transaction is made on the card, expense the transaction to the Sponsoring Department's worktag. It will then be the Sponsoring Department's responsibility to obtain a refund from the cardholder. If the Sponsoring Department has a Remote Deposit Scanner (RDS), they should use this to deposit the funds used to the worktag. If the Sponsoring Department does not have a Remote Deposit Scanner (RDS), they should then submit the Department Deposit Form along with the check to the Cashier's Office. Do not check the box "Personal Expense" in Workday Expenses.