How do I reconcile Projects and other worktags with Funding Source Reclassification transactions?

If you are a reconciling a Gift, Grant, or Designated, and you see Funding Source Reclassification transactions:

The Funding Source Reclassification transaction source is created when the Project worktag’s Multifunding Source runs to reallocate those transactions to the correct Gift, Grant, or Designated based on the Multifunding Source Rules.   In other words, your Gift, Grant, or Designated was assigned to pay for expenses related to a Project.   The Project will be listed on the transaction with the Gift, Grant, or Designated.

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If the Project is a Capital Project, you need to verify that the worktags used are the correct worktags to fund the project.  If an Institutional Designated (prefix IN-; Ex. DN001425 IN-Restricted VCBA Debt Construction Fund ) is being reconciled, you are responsible for verifying that the Cost Center is correct.  You do not have to verify the individual transactions as Facilities Maintenance will be responsible for that with their Project roles.   Once we get to a more stable place with Account Certifications, the FST team will work on having Capital Project Account Certification removed from your list, so that you do NOT have to verify this information each month.

If the Project is a non-Capital Project, you need to verify that the Project worktag makes sense hitting your Gift, Grant, or Designated.  If it is a Gift, you should verify that that spend category used is allowed on that Gift.

If you would like to see the transaction details, you can pull the Find Founding Source Reclassification Lines report.


If you are Project Budget Specialist/ Project Budget Manager reconciling a non-Capital or Capital Project:

It is your responsibility to fully reconcile the transactions that are charged to the Project.  Those with reconciling roles on the Gift, Grant, and Designated do not see the original transaction in their Account Certifications.  They will only be verifying the accuracy of their worktag being used on the Project.