How do I review the data November and December 2022 Account Certifications at the same time?

November and December 2022 Account Certifications have been delivered and are ready to reconcile.  Reviewing both months at the same time, might save some time in the review process. The steps are below. You can also see a video demonstration here.

  1. Type Details for Account Certification in the search bar. 

On the Details for Account Certification screen

  1. Change the Time Period to Current Period YTD.
  2. Leave the Period as FY2022-2023 – Dec
  3. Enter your Account Certification worktag(s) in the Worktags field.  This would be you Designated and Cost Center, Gift and Cost Center, Grant, or Project.  Ex. DN000317 and CC0036
  4. Select OK.

On the Details for Account Certification Report

  1. Select Export to Excel in the blue bar

On the Export Document Screen

  1. Select Download

I always keep this report open in Workday so that I can come back to it if I need to open a transaction or attach documentation.  It is very quick and easy to do both from this report in Workday.  But for keeping a record of the transactions you have reviewed, you will want to work off the Excel Spreadsheet.

On the Downloaded Document

  1.  Select Enable Editing in the yellow bar at the top, if you have a Protected View
  2. We want to add Filters to the Report Header row or the row that labels each column by selecting the Header row number on the right-hand side, selecting Sort & Filter, and Filter.
  3. Find the Period Column by scrolling to the right
  4. Select the Filter button.  Image removed.
  5. Select Nov and Dec
  6. Select OK to filter

You can add a column to mark that you’ve reviewed the line, enter a variance, and enter any notes you may want to add.

Once you review all the lines in the spreadsheet, you will need to go back into Workday on open each Account Certification.  You will enter any notes/variances and submit the Account Certification.  You will have to repeat this process for both November and December’s Account Certifications. 

Reminder:  November and December Account Certifications are Due 2/28/22

We have found instances in which certain Account Certification combinations were not created for Nov-22 and Dec-22 fiscal periods.  If you are not seeing all expected Account Certifications, run the Status of Account Certification report to confirm the worktag combination does not exist/has not been assigned elsewhere.  You can provide your missing combinations via email to  The team continues to investigate root cause and will provide further updates as they are available.