How do I separate Fund Balance adjustments from other non-mandatory transfers?

The final fund balance realignment submission deadline has come and gone for entries booked to ledger 3999:Fund Balance Prior Year.

A new journal source (FY22 Fund Balance Adjustments) is now active in Workday's Create Journal business process that will allow units to separately track additional entries related to their beginning fund balances within the 8904:Non-Mandatory Transfer ledger account. A few things to keep in mind when using the FY22 Fund Balance Adjustments Journal Source:

  • You must use the 8904:Non-Mandatory Transfer ledger account
  • Only use the revenue category RC0130 Non-Mandatory Transfers on the credit side of the journal and the spend category SC0004 Non-Mandatory Transfers on the debit side of the journal.
  • This can be used for transfers on both Designated and Gift sources, as well as Projects but not Grants
  • And Optional worktags (program, activity, and assignee) may be used in the transfer

You can find a demo of using this journal source in an Accounting Journal here.

You can use the Accounting Journal QRG if you would prefer written instructions.