How do we begin the process to obtain credit card merchant number and can anyone associated with the University apply for a credit card merchant account?

Contact the Payment Card Services to discuss the programs available and other considerations such as costs, accounting and security requirements. This information will assist the department’s understanding all of the ramifications of accepting credit cards directly, through EventBrite or another third-party provider.

We will then meet with the Program Coordinator, the department web developer if appropriate and your Fiscal staff to determine your needs.

The next step is to review the application procedure, complete an application, and submit it to Payment Card Services.

All University departments and administrative units (Academic units in theMedical School) are eligible to apply for a merchant account, as well as any related organization (such as a University Foundation), provided that they agree to abide by all University policies and procedures and the PCI DSS.

Student Contracted Independent Organizations (CIOs) are excluded from use of University merchant accounts.

What do we need to do if we would like to ADD a new process to an existing account? Here are the factors that will determine the path you need to take.