If we only need a short-term, infrequent, and/or small-volume ability to take credit cards such as conferences or a one-time activity, what are our options?

  1. There are short-term, one-time only web processing options available. Please contact the PCPC.
  2. You can apply for web processing through the Payment Card Services using E- Pay at UVA through Commerce Manager. A departmental website may be required. Depending on your needs, we may be able to manage your registration page and collect payment information for no additional fee. The department or unit will still be responsible for all processing costs of Consider “SQUARE” You have seen the ads and wondered, “Why not at the University?” operations and for full compliance with University and PCI requirements during the period of operations. 
  3. A wireless/cellular device can be lent to a department for face-to-face payments the day of an event (see What is a merchant account)

Application for a cellular swipe for special events