My Account Certifications are going to the wrong person, what should I do?

First, you will want to check the roles.  You can find the roles that will become the Preparer and Approver HERE.  You can look up who has those roles using the UBI app Workday Security Roles.  Remember, that anyone with the Cost Center Fiscal Specialist Role, will get access to Prepare all the Designated and Allocated gifts assigned to that Cost Center.   You may want to check in with those in your school/unit that were responsible for the role mapping before moving on to the next step.

After reviewing the roles, if the roles are not correct, you can use the Workday System Access Requests to remove those that need to be removed and add those that need to be added.  Each person (or their manager) will have to complete their own request.  That should correct it for the next Account Certification.

If you need the Account Certification that was already sent out re-sent, please email AskFinance once your role request has been full approved, and you have the role.