Is there Accidental Coverage available for University-organized camps?

Campers Accidental Coverage provides coverage to participants of a University organized camp. Under this coverage, all registered campers are automatically covered while they participate in a university sponsored and supervised educational day and overnight camp activities. University departments hosting a camp session can contact the Office of Property & Liability Risk Management to coordinate coverage for the camp’s activities.

Benefits for the hosting University Department

  • Limits exposure for potential loss
  • Premium amount is based on the number of campers per number of camp days.
  • Liability coverage for travel as a group in a University authorized vehicle directly to and from hosted activities

Benefits for the Participant/Parent

  • Provides secondary coverage for campers covered under another health insurance plan and provides primary coverage for non insured campers.
  • The initial claim is filed against the primary coverage and any amount not paid or payable under the primary coverage is paid by the Campers Accidental Coverage.
  • Payment of claims can be made directly to the doctor, hospital, clinic, etc.

Coverage Benefits and Limits

  • Accident Medical Expense: $25,000
  • Sickness Medical Expense (Overnight Camps Only): $1,000
  • Benefit Amount is 100% of the Usual and Customary amount.
  • Deductible: $0
  • Accidental Death: $15,000
  • Accidental Dismemberment & Paralysis: $25,000
  • Aggregate AD&D: $500,000
  • Accident Dental Expense included in Medical

Some catastrophic benefits & limits also provided.


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