What is the role of the Preparer and Approver?

The tools have changed, but job of the Preparer and Approver has not changed with the implementation of Workday Account Certification.


The person responsible for the detailed reconciliation, including maintenance of source documents to verify all transactions are legitimate.

  • Responsible for reviewing each transaction to ensure its accuracy
  • Ensure that sufficient source documentation is available, if has not already been done as part of the transactional process
  • Questions about the appropriateness of transactions should be brought to the attention of the Approver for clarification and/or correction
  • Responsible for following up on any transactions that remain outstanding for more than one accounting period
  • Resolve accounting errors (or ensure they get resolved)


The person who has fiduciary responsibility and the appropriate knowledge and authority to authorize reconciliations.

  • responsible for verifying the legitimacy, appropriateness and necessity of transactions recorded against their FDM worktag(s)