Why is there a 2011: Payroll Withholdings balance on my Cost Center attributed to tax withholdings?

Spend Categories = Federal Tax Withholding (SC0722) 

State & Local Tax Withholding (SC0723) 

Employee FICA Tax Withholding (SC0724) 

Employer FICA Tax Withholding (SC0725) 


Answer: Payroll taxes initially post to the 2011 Payroll Withholdings ledger account on school/unit Cost Centers without a driver worktag. These liabilities are moved prior to month-end closing so that the new balance on school/unit Cost Centers should equal $0. If you find that the balance remains after the month-end close, send the details to AskFinance@virginia.edu for investigation. 

For more details/information, please see Payroll Costing Knowledge Transfer: Payroll Tax Accounting