The ReconUVA team has received questions/concerns regarding the completion of reconciliations during the response to COVID-19.  For now, reconciliations will still be due within 30 calendar days after month-end close.  Should a reconciler (i.e., Preparer or Approver) in your workflow not be able to complete reconciliations during this time, they should assign an alternate to reconcile on their behalf. 

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our team at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist. 

General Ledger Reconciliation Alternate Assignment Form

In order to maintain accurate Role assignments in [email protected], contact your unit's Role Manager to update a Project's Key Members in the Integrated System (IS).  Please use the Key Member Change Instructions to facilitate this process. 

[email protected] VP/Dean oversight

[email protected] sends system generated emails for a number of scenarios.  Expand the categories below for the specific wording on each:

Internal Service Providers Information

The Fiscal Officer role should be filled by an administrative officer of the organization who has the appropriate authority. The Fiscal Officer is charged with oversight duties for the accounts assigned to them. They will be notified if those accounts have not been reconciled (both Prepared and Approved) within 30 days after the close of a month.

More information regarding the late notice received by Fiscal Officers can be found in the corresponding section on the System Generated Emails page. 

GA Reconciliation Procedure and Related Policy