The report Details for Account Certification can help.

In Workday, type Details for Account Certification in the global search.  Select the Worktags that match your Account Certification.  This will give you a report with all the details.  You can export to Excel.   Pro tip:  Keep the Details for Account Certification open in Workday to drill into transactions you need more information on. 

When is the last period that will be reconciled in Recon@UVA?  

June 2022, due July 30th, will be the last fiscal period reconciled in Recon@UVA.  Workday Account Certification will be used after the transition to Workday Financi

Mila Demchynk Savage

      Recon@UVA System Administrator

Danielle Hancock

      Reconciliation Training Administrator

Stewart Craig

      Functional Administrator for Sponsored Projects

Augie Maurelli

      Functional Administrator for Non-Sponsored Projects

Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen is displayed when you login to Recon@UVA.  At your initial login (and annually after that), you will be asked to certify your compliance with the policies, procedures, and guidelines governing the reconciliation process.

Users may assign an “Alternate” (Preparer, Examiner, or Approver) in the Recon@UVA system to facilitate reconciliation.  Alternates must be knowledgeable of the relevant policies, procedures, and guidelines for reconciling departmental records.  The assignment of an alternate does not alleviate the fiscal responsibility of the Person of Record.

What documentation am I required to keep?

Reconcilers must retain all supporting documentation related to financial transactions.

Note:  Signed and dated packing slips should be maintained when appropriate. 


How can I remove Planned Expenses from my reconciliations?

What is the difference between a comment, an issue, and a reconciling item?
  • Comments are similar to sticky notes, or notes you would write in the margin of a report to provide additional information to reconcilers.  They can be entered at a BBA Summary, Budget Category, or Detail level.
  • Issues are comments entered at the Detail level indicating that the item needs follow-up.  An issue remains active until it is resolved or closed.
  • Reconciling Items are a dollar value
How do I assign an Alternate in Recon@UVA?

Visit our Assigning an Alternate webpage for step-by-step instructions on completing this process in Recon@UVA.

Can all roles utilize the Alternate feature in Recon@UVA?

Yes, all 3 roles in the reconciliation workflow (Preparer, Examiner, and Approver) can assign an Alternate.

What is a "Role" in Recon@UVA?

In Recon@UVA, roles are used to restrict users' access to data and identify one's position in the reconciliation workflow.  For each project, the following roles are used:

  • Preparer:  The person responsible for the detailed reconciliation, including maintenance of source documents to verify all transactions are legitimate.  This role is known as the “Fiscal Contact” in the Integrated System and is a required role in the Recon@UVA system.

What do I need to do as an Approver?
  1. Once your reconciliations have been prepared and/or examined, log on to Recon@UVA.

  2. Review the work of the Preparers and/or Examiners.

  3. Review issues, record comments, and request corrections as appropriate.

  4. Update reconciling items as appropriate.

  5. Certify and approve the reconciliation.  This step records the Approver’s signature and date. If changes are required, return to the Preparer for rework.

What do the icons mean?
Recon@UVA Icon</body></html>
What is Recon@UVA?

Recon@UVA is the University’s official reconciliation system of record that provides an electronic solution for the documentation of reconciliations for all organizational units at the University of Virginia (including all academic schools and departments).

Am I required to use Recon@UVA

Yes, use of the system is mandatory in order to electronically document the review and approval of each Project-Award combination.  

What is a Budget Balance Available (BBA) Report?

A calculation of the budgeted amount minus expenditures and commitments/encumbrances. Note that this will be based on either a project to date or year to date budget, and does not refer to the amount of cash on hand. 

Can I view a BBA report in Recon@UVA?

Budget Balance Available (BBA) Reports are accessed from the Summary Screen by clicking the printer icon under the associated "Actions" for the Project-Award combination:

Why is reconciling labor important?

Labor expenditures make up greater than 60% of the University’s total expenses each fiscal year.

The ReconUVA team has received questions/concerns regarding the completion of reconciliations during the response to COVID-19.  For now, reconciliations will still be due within 30 calendar days after month-end close.  Should a reconciler (i.e., Preparer or Approver) in your workflow not be able to complete reconciliations during this time, they should assign an alternate to reconcile on their behalf. 

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our team at and we will be happy to assist. 

November and December 2022 Account Certifications have been delivered and are ready to reconcile.  Reviewing both months at the same time, might save some time in the review process. The steps are below. You can also see a video demonstration here.

This appears for a Medical Center employee or position is funded by Academic or UPG FDM strings. The forward accruals functionality is used by the Medical Center to estimate payroll costs through the end of a financial reporting period, but while these expenses may appear as part of month-end close, they are reversed out with an accounting date of the 1st of the next fiscal period. 

Check your level of security - if they are outside of your Cost Center or Cost Center Hierarchy, you would need Security Access at the Company level to process their PAA. 

Why is Worker Position - Period Activity taking precedence over the costing allocation I had set up?

Workday follows a costing allocation hierarchy.  If an employee is receiving pay through a Period Activity Pay, this takes precedence over any other costing allocations that may be set up for that worker (Ex.