Rebook an Unused Ticket

How to book a new flight with an unused airline ticket

Review Unused Tickets
  • From TravelUVA's Concur homepage, review your unused tickets which will appear in the top right section under "Alerts"
    • *Note: Only unused tickets originally booked through Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) in your name will appear in this section.
  • Make note of the expiration date of the unused ticket. The airline may require your new travel to be completed before the expiration date of your unused ticket credit.
  • To inquire if there are any unused tickets originally purchased for another traveler in your department that may be available to use, please reach out to
Determine New Dates and Destination
  • Determine your new travel dates and destination. Please keep in mind that an unused ticket credit can only be applied towards a new ticket on the same airline as the credit.
Confirm Ticket Rules
  • Contact CBT to confirm the rules on your specific unused ticket (including expiration date and any change fees) if you are unsure. 
  • If you would like to use the ticket for a different traveler, please contact CBT to confirm if a name change is allowed on the ticket. If a name change is permitted by the airline there may be an additional fee.
Book New Flight
  • Original Traveler: 
    • When you are ready to book, the original traveler (or their assigned travel assistant) may log into TravelUVA by clicking on the "Launch TravelUVA" button to book a new flight using the value of their canceled airline ticket before the expiration date.
      • Create a new booking in Concur on the same airline you have credit on.
      • The system will automatically apply the credit to your new ticket once you purchase.
        • Note: There may be a $15 fee when an unused ticket is applied to a new booking in Concur as a CBT quality control agent will assist with completing this transaction.
      • Please review your ticket confirmation within 24 hours to ensure that the unused ticket was applied. If you don't believe that the unused ticket was applied correctly, please call or email CBT's online support desk within 24 hours to have it corrected: (888) 535-0179 or
      • Running into issues? Reach out to CBT Online Support at 888-535-0179 or
    • If you prefer to work directly with a CBT agent to book your new ticket, you may contact CBT directly at 1-844-4UVA-CBT (844-488-2228) M-F 8am – 8pm ET for assistance (an agent assistance fee will apply).
  • Different Traveler: If you need to change the name of a traveler on an unused ticket, contact Christopherson Business Travel at 1-844-4UVA-CBT (844-488-2228) M-F 8am – 8pm ET.  You will need to provide them with the PNR or ticket number of the unused ticket to rebook a new ticket under a different name. 
Helpful Tips
  • The expiration date is typically the date by which you must complete your new travel.
  • You will ideally want your new ticket to be the same or more in value than your unused ticket, as a leftover credit may be forfeited in some cases.
  • If the new ticket is more expensive than the credit, the traveler will have to pay the difference in fare. You can pay the difference on your T&E card, and then expense the difference paid as you normally would through Workday Expenses.  
  • We recommend purchasing a non-refundable fare with an unused ticket. If you purchase a refundable fare with an unused ticket, the new ticket will default to the most restrictive rules, causing your new ticket to become non-refundable due to the rules on the unused ticket.
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