Generating Revenue

The first Step in establishing a revenue generating activity at the University is to determine the proper approval process. This depends on what type of activity is being conducted. The Sponsored Program vs. External Service Questionnaire guides the decision process if the activity will provide service to customers outside of the University.

Also read University Policy FIN-049 - Revenue Generating Activities to ascertain the appropriate review and approval process.

If you determine that the activity is being performed by a recharge center (also referred to as an internal service provider, isp for short), then you must request review and approval through the department of Financial Analysis.

Read Policy FIN-049 - Revenue Generating Activities for an explanation of which revenue generating activities are acceptable and the criteria for justifying the implementation of the activity.

Then read Procedures 5-1 - Format to be Used in Calculating Support Service Unit Rates and Procedure 15-70 - Approving New or Expanded Services and Activities which will give you detailed instructions on completing the Form 15-70 and guidelines on preparing a rate proposal.

Basically, the policies and procedures will tell you that you need a justification for why this activity is needed, how the activity contributes to the University’s mission, a detailed rate calculation, and approval from your department and approval from your VP or Provost using Form 15-70.

If you are a School of Medicine department, send the completed form to Allison P. Holt, who will review and forward the form to Andrew McGehee. If you are a School of Engineering department, send the completed form to Mary Smith, who will review and forward to Andrew McGehee. All other departments send the form directly to Andrew McGehee, Box 400194, Carruthers Hall.