Another Place to Spring Clean: Your Workday Inbox

In UVAFinance, the Clean-Up team has been working on cleaning up financial transactions on our schools' and units' behalves, and we've also shared some best practices on doing cleanup yourself on your own financial transactions.  But in today's blog post, we just wanted to remind you:  don't forget your Workday Inbox.

It's the "under the bed" of financial spring cleaning: something you may not think of immediately, but something that's probably pretty cluttered and that may be affecting other areas.  It's where missing things are located, where you find reminders of things you meant to do, and so much more.

By checking the "to-dos" you find in your inbox, you may resolve where transactions are paused, in a state of limbo, awaiting approval, or some other action before they can move to the next stage.  Give your Workday Inbox a good spring clean and you might be surprised at what you get besides just a tidy inbox - you might have fewer transactions to track down, too! 

Workday Inbox vs. Workday Notifications

Your Workday inbox (inbox icon) includes tasks awaiting your action.  The Notifications (bell icon) are for your information. You will also see notifications for completed tasks. Notifications are alerts from business processes that are configured to provide information. For example, if you have an account certification waiting, or request a report, Workday will send a notification to you when it is ready for your review. These are not inbox tasks even though they do require action on your part.

Note:  If your unit needs help from the Clean-Up Team, send your request to Ask Finance.  You can send your request in parts!


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