Payroll Welcomes Gregory Overton

The Overtons

UVAFinance's Payroll Services Team welcomed Gregory Overton to the team as a Senior Payroll Specialist this past October.  Overton, who hails from Baltimore, has come to the team most recently from Johns Hopkins University.  Before that, he was with ADP for nearly 12 years. 

Overton was drawn to working at UVA because of the opportunity to grow with the organization.  As he points out, "longevity is my thing" when it comes to career choices.  He joined ADP at 20 and worked up from the warehouse to be a client services representative and then a payroll professional.  

"Once I fell into payroll, I loved it," Overton explains.  Beyond his enjoyment of analyzing numbers, he also found that solving customer problems was satisfying for him.  

In addition to being a numbers devotee, Overton is also a self-proclaimed sports junkie.  He and his wife Erinne have two children:  Gregory Jr., 7, and Emery, 3.  When he's not catching up with his favorite teams, he also enjoys collecting rare vinyls.  

As a long-time Baltimorian,  he advises that the next time you visit the city, you check out Harbor East, just a few blocks down from the Inner Harbor site.