UVAFinance Welcomes Back Kriszti Kiss

Kiss and her husband at Angkor Wat
Kriszti Kiss is all about new beginnings. Back in 2016, when UVA was in the early stages of the Managerial Reporting Project, aimed at improving reporting and data analytics across the enterprise, Kiss was on the team. She also helped launch University Business Intelligence (UBI), the custom tool that resulted from that team’s efforts.

Kiss also assisted with the groundwork and launch of ExpenseUVA, and just a little later, she was one of the first members of the Finance Strategic Transformation Project Team. Kiss worked on the FST project team up through the configure and prototype phase in September 2021 and then left UVA for a year and a half of traveling and adventure.

UVAFinance is pleased to welcome her back for another new beginning this March in as a Finance Data Analyst working with the Business Intelligence & Analytics Team. In her new position in the beginning days of Workday Financials and Adaptive Planning, Kiss will focus on gathering requirements and case testing when new reports are requested, something she expects to enjoy very much given her affinity for testing.
Guest Photographer

“I like lifelong learning,” she says. “I was sad to leave the FST project before testing began because that is something I enjoy.”

Kiss explains that her position appeals to her two main loves: working with data and working with people. She looks forward to learning the reporting tools such as Salesforce and Adaptive and being able to work with the Business Intelligence team to assist finance users across Grounds to get the information they need.

When Kiss and her husband Bobby traveled the world during her 18-month absence from UVA, she had plenty of opportunity to gather lots of data and meet lots of people as they toured Southeast Asia and visited family in Europe. Just some highlights of their adventures include kayaking in Ha Long Bay, visiting Angkor Wat, taking cooking classes and snorkeling in Thailand, sampling all the coffee Vietnam’s rich coffee culture has to offer, and going to sailing school in Gibraltar.

At Ha Long Bay