Change Name on T&E Card

How to change a name on a T&E card

Submit all T&E Transactions

All T&E Card transactions must be submitted first in Workday Expenses before submitting your name change request.

Submit Change Request Form
  • We are able to process name changes by closing your current account and opening a new account. Please open the T&E Card Change Request Form and select “Name Change” to request a name change. The name change will be confirmed based on your updated name in Workday.
  • Please note that once you submit a request form for a name change, there will be a lapse of one to three days between the time your current card account is closed and your new card arrives. To reduce the interruption in your card services we will request that your new card be sent via express delivery. 
Destroy Old Card

Please destroy the card and throw it away once it is canceled.

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