Instructions for how to pay employees a human subject payment
Reasons we are asking you to register
Process of selecting direct deposit payment option
Information for departments and suppliers in registering with PaymentWorks as a supplier for the University of Virginia.
How do I submit a wire request? With the implementation of Workday Financials, schools and departments can no longer request wire payments. The payment type is now determined by how the supplier is set up through PaymentWorks. If your department is working with a Supplier, please have the supplier enroll in PaymentWorks for ACH payments.
Action to take if a supplier doesn't accept UVA's payment terms
How to confirm a supplier's eligibility for reduced ACH payment terms
Resources to send a supplier to register in PaymentWorks
Instructions for sending a PaymentWorks invitation to a supplier
Why some suppliers may have already received an invitation to register in PaymentWorks
Difference between a Supplier and Individual Payee in PaymentWorks
PaymentWorks registration process and timeline
Deadline to register with PaymentWorks