Guidance and recommendations for driving a personal vehicle while on business
Procedures to follow when renting a vehicle
Information on liability insurance coverage for leased/rental vehicles
CBT and TravelUVA contact information

The official answer is no. However, some of our travel vendors offer discounts to employees for personal travel.

CBT agent booking fees
Determine if parking fees are allowed to be reimbursed

Employees may retain frequent flyer miles/points earned from business travel for personal use.

Any transaction made with loyalty points of any kind, including but not limited to frequent flyer miles, credit card points, or gift cards are not eligible for reimbursement. Employees may not be reimbursed for using air miles to purchase travel.

Guidelines on mileage and parking costs while commuting to work

Parking fines are not an allowable expense for University faculty, staff, or students.

Procedure on booking and expensing bundle travel.
How to obtain a competitive price on a rental car