The Primary Gift will have a new attribute tab labeled “Named Professorship”

Any additional Gifts associated will be identified in the “Addition Data” tab on the Primary Gift

Your focus when working on a Grant Account Certification should be on certifying that the expenditures in the expenditure ledger accounts are appropriate or marking a variance if they are not.

Account Certifications will still need to be completed within 30 calendar days after month-end close

There will be one exception – the first month Jul 2022-2023, normally due Aug 30, 2022 will now be due by Sep 30, 2023.  So, you have an extra month to reconcile Jul 2022-2023’s Account Certifications.  Please note:  Aug 2022-2023 will still be due by Sep 30, 2023.


Academic program agreements are contracts between the University and another institution or organization to establish a joint educational program, a collaborative academic relationship such as a student exchange, or a research activity unrelated to sponsored research.  These agreements are processed and signed by the Provost’s Office in coordination either with Financial Operations or, in the case of research-related agreements, the Office of Sponsored Programs.


UVA is required by federal law to provide each employee with a Form W-2. Employees can expect to receive a Form W-2 by January 31 of each year.  For years 2018 and prior, you may access W-2s in your legacy system (Workday for the Academic Division, UltiPro for University Physicians Group).