Guidelines on when the T&E card may be used for non-eVA excluded items
How to purchase furniture


UVA Marketplace: Login to the University's electronic shopping portal

UBI Qlik View Access Point: To access Purchase Order reports.



Confusing eVA Expenditure Types: Information about the most commonly-confused expenditure types that, when misused, cause transactions to incur eVA fees.

Early Payment Discount Information for Sponsored Awards: Information about the discount program.

Executive Order 77 Vendor Responses: Questions received from vendors after the notification regarding Executive Order 77. 

Expenditure Type Search: Find the right expenditure


Purchasing at UVA - Plan, Know the Limits, Choose a Method, Policies






Consider using a University contract

University Contracts offer:

  • The best prices negotiated on historical and forecasted University usage
  • Hassle-free purchasing. Using a contract vendor means that there's no need to obtain quotes, register a vendor, or check eVA status
  • Known, approved vendors. Vendor performance is monitored, and they have a vested interest in keeping all their University customers happy.


Think about buying internally

Best practices for completing a purchase order (PO)
Special information for ordering goods and services while teleworking
Login information and the link to view UVA contracts
Used by the departments when requesting a stop payment, or a copy of a cancelled check (requires Netbadge).
To request any invoice correction or modification, or to notify Accounts Payable that an invoice you have received does not belong to your department.
Use this form to register a new Purchasing Unit, update information for an existing one, or delete one no longer in use.
Access the PO Change Form to request a final close, or for lines to be added, changed, or deleted, on a PO where Procurement staff is listed as the buyer (requires Netbage).
For use when supplier located in another state requires documentation for exempting the University from sales tax. (Requires Netbadge)
For when a supplier requires UVA's Letter of Credit information (requires Netbadge).
Use this form when a new Delivery Location Code (DLC) for the receipt of ordered goods is needed in the Integrated System, when address or contact information for an existing DLC needs to be changed in the Integrated System, or when an existing DLC is no longer needed (requires Netbadge).
Request a copy of request for proposal, agreement, or related documents.