Search for invoice status using your supplier number
For use when supplier located in another state requires documentation for exempting the University from sales tax. (Requires Netbadge)
For when a supplier requires UVA's Letter of Credit information (requires Netbadge).
Information for departments and suppliers in registering with PaymentWorks as a supplier for the University of Virginia.
Guidelines on when the T&E card may be used for non-eVA excluded items

Provides necessary information to meet legal requirements in the requisition of goods or services that can be supplied by only one vendor.

When a supplier needs UVA's IRS W-9 information. Request for Taxpayer Identification Numbers
My Customer is Requesting the University's W-9 Form, where can I obtain one? When a supplier needs UVA's IRS W-9 Information

For documenting telephone quotes received from vendors.

DEA Application (form 225)
Virginia Sales and Tax Exemption Certificate.

This FAQ contains frequently asked questions pertaining to Match Exceptions. Use the table of contents below to control + click to go directly to that question and answer. For step-by-step guidance on how to find and address a match exception, review the Match Exception Investigation and Correction QRG. For details and updates on spend issues, refer to the Action Plan to Address Spend Issues page.

This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk a Procurement Shopper through the steps on how to find and view the payment status on a supplier invoice. This may be helpful in order to determine if the supplier invoice has been paid or not in Workday.

This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk a department end user through submitting a PO that will be paid by wire in a foreign currency.

This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk an Internal Service Delivery Data Entry Specialist through the process of creating an Internal Service Delivery (ISD) in bulk. This task uses a spreadsheet template that you will integrate into Workday to help if you have multiple internal service deliveries to create at the same time. To load the transaction file, users will need to connect to the Workday SFTP server. By the end of this QRG, you will be able to successfully create ISDs in bulk using the integration process in Workday.

Please use the attached COI form as indicated in the policy.

This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk employees through finding the original requester on a converted purchase order.

This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk Procurement Shoppers through how to print a Purchase Order (PO) in UVA Marketplace. In UVA Marketplace, you can print a clean, fax version of the Purchase Order. 


University faculty and staff are subject to a variety of conflict of interest laws, regulations, and requirements depending on their official duties for the University and external financial relationships.  This website provides general information, references, and resources to assist you in meeting your personal obligations to comply with conflict of interest requirements as they related to procurement activities; it is not intended as legal advice and should not be construed as such.  Any questions regarding interpretation and application of laws and regulations should be dire