For when a supplier requires UVA's Letter of Credit information (requires Netbadge).

Provides necessary information to meet legal requirements in the requisition of goods or services that can be supplied by only one vendor.

For documenting telephone quotes received from vendors.

DEA Application (form 225)
Virginia Sales and Tax Exemption Certificate.

Attached is the ISP and Internal Catalog Request Template

This Data Protection Addendum (“Addendum”) is an add-on to the Purchasing Terms and Conditions found at It is applicable only in those situations where the Selected Firm/Vendor provides goods or services under a Purchase Order which necessitate that the Selected Firm/Vendor create, obtain, transmit, use, maintain, process, or dispose of University Data (as defined in the Definitions Section of this Addendum) in order to fulfill its obligations to the University.

Purchasing Terms & Conditions


(For Facilities Management staff only) Use this form to request material services. Email PPADR forms to Email PPLOA forms to