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My Customer is Requesting the University's W-9 Form, where can I obtain one? When a supplier needs UVA's IRS W-9 Information
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It generally takes 2-4 business days for the credit card payments fully process and get to Bank of America.

If you do not see the transaction right away, you will likely see it in a few days.  If after 5 business days, you still are not seeing the Ad Hoc Bank Transactions, you can reach out to

See – How does the process work for revenue that comes in through the Merchant Account? FAQ for more information

Merchant Account transactions get batched together at the end of the day for each device, so you will not see the individual transactions or details on your Ad Hoc Bank Transaction.

Credit Card Transaction online

The process for getting revenue into the University starts with a point-of-sale system. When a transaction is started in a point-of-sale system, that system contacts a payment processor to verify the payment. The payment processor is Elavon. When the payment processor is contacted about a payment, they check with the credit card company to confirm the payment. The credit card companies respond with an “approve” or “deny” message, which is sent back to the point-of-sale system. This process only takes a few seconds.