The card brands and credit card processors can assess significant fines (currently starting at $25,000 for each card type) for failure to comply with the standards and can revoke the University’s ability to accept payment cards if we are breached.

With PCI 3.0 (effective December, 2013) the University became responsible for annually verifying the payment card data flow and PCI compliance for all third- party contracted vendors and their external service providers (either AOC (Attestation of Compliance or ROC (Report of Compliance) for each vendor who touches payment card data). As the units renew agreements with vendors, and as we are made aware of their relationship with the University, we are then bound to verify compliance.

EPay is primarily a payment card process, not a registration process where payment may or may not be collected so payment of some type must be collected for each registrant. eStore will allow for a combination of $0.00 registrations and paid. (see question 10 below) There are options available for registration only events. Contact the Payment Card Services for more information. See other options, ITS Eventbrite

  1. There are short-term, one-time only web processing options available. Please contact the PCPC.
  2. You can apply for web processing through the Payment Card Services using E- Pay at UVA through Commerce Manager. A departmental website may be required. Depending on your needs, we may be able to manage your registration page and collect payment information for no additional fee.
  • CACS: ITS Custom Applications & Consulting Services
    • End-to-end website platform solutions, custom web, application development and project management services at a reasonable cost.
  • Housing Conference Services:
    • Full service event planning from start to finish including hotel, meals and side trips.

Any department or unit that accepts payment cards on an ongoing basis though the University vendors is issued a Merchant ID number (MID) by MC/Visa/Discover and American Express. These merchant account numbers identify you to the credit card companies and establish a contractual obligation to comply with all credit card rules and regulations Payment Card Services: FAQs, Procedures, & Forms Page | 7

The process typically takes 2-3 weeks to obtain a merchant account once an application has been submitted. This does not include the time that the requestor may need for development of webpages, or if applications involve the use of non- standard University credit card payment methods (third-party vendors, for example).

  • This procedure covers the steps a unit will follow in order to add a new EPAY process where the revenue will flow to the same PTAO or to the same clearing project as the existing account does and the description in Elavon will be the same for the new process.
    • Example: The Elavon Description is UVA Physics Events
      The orders in EPAY are:
      • UVA Physics Events – Jamison Clinic
      • UVA Physics Events – Annual Meeting of PI’s
  • This procedure does not cover the steps a unit will follow if:

Contact the Payment Card Services to discuss the programs available and other considerations such as costs, accounting and security requirements. This information will assist the department’s understanding all of the ramifications of accepting credit cards directly, through EventBrite or another third-party provider.

We will then meet with the Program Coordinator, the department web developer if appropriate and your Fiscal staff to determine your needs.

The next step is to review the application procedure, complete an application, and submit it to Payment Card Services.

  1. Any agreement or contract to process or receive revenue from payment card activity by members of the University, University-related community or Medical Center requires prior approval. See policies at FIN-037: Governance and Compliance Requirements for Payment Card Activities for the University and Medical Center Policy 0335: Use of Payment Cards at the Medical Center.
  2. Any unit anticipating NEW revenue from any source, directly or indirectly, must have prior approval for new Revenue Generating Activity.
Retail Sales and Use Tax Instructions For University of Virginia Departments and Units Engaged in Taxable Sales

This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk employees through the process of adding, deleting, and viewing tags and comments on transactions in Workday. The tag and comment functionalities allow users who are not deeply involved in a transaction or business process (i.e., approvers) to communicate and collaborate with those who are more involved.

To effectively control and account for: 1) the permanent transfer of equipment assets to UVA, or 2) the permanent transfer of UVA equipment assets to another institution.
F&A Distribution by Project for FY22, in Excel spreadsheet format (.xls or .xlsx).
The F&A Distribution Process and reports.
These procedures apply to University departments, divisions or schools who extend credit for goods or services to students, faculty, staff and other customers, or that handle collections of accounts receivable including student receivables managed by Student Financial Services (SFS). These procedures do not cover accounts receivable managed by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) or gift pledge receivables which are managed through University Advancement.
Fundriver is a web-based endowment management software program that allows the University to more effectively and efficiently manage the endowment. The Fundriver Departmental Module allows departments across the University access to their endowment projects that are invested in the UVIMCO Long-Term Pool.
Financial Reporting & Operations (FR&O) is responsible for maintenance and administration of this procedure. FR&O, in conjunction with Facilities Management (FM) Finance, is responsible for ensuring that this procedure is followed whenever capitalized projects are created and/or funded.