How to on use of the new Workday apps in UBI

This QRG is designed to walk employees who have the EDW_P_Finance role with duplicating and editing an 
existing sheet in a UBI Analytics module to create a new personalized My sheet. Publishing, unpublishing and 
deleting a My sheet is also covered.

Day In the Life of a Fiscal Administrator (Reporting FAQ)

Our Reporting User Group worked with the Reporting & Analytics Team to produce this Day in the Life FAQ on reporting.  This guide matches up 1-2 reports with the most frequent daily questions that fiscal administrators and business officers need to address.  Our goal is to provide you with a slimmed-down digest of go-to reports selected by your peers.

Last Updated February 13, 2023

How are we doing against our fiscal year budget? 


A bookmark saves your filter selections in an app/module, so the next time you want to retrieve those same filters, you can simply select your bookmark. It is highly recommended you create bookmarks for your most commonly selected filters. Bookmarks are easy to create and save you time.

This short and useful job aid provides navigation procedures for the most commonly used procedures in the UBI Analytics (Qlik Sense) applications, plus much more.

This Quick Reference can be viewed online, or printed double-sided and folded into a trifold.  Be sure to select “flip pages on short edge” in your Printer Settings if you want to print and use it as a trifold.

The UBI & Workday Reports Inventory provides an overall list of commonly used financial reports broken out by category. The table includes the name of the report, report type, description, purpose, and key outputs (does not reflect all fields in the report). Use the table of contents to control + click to find the type of report you are looking for! *Please note this inventory will continue to be expanded and updated to include new reports that become available.

This document provides you with some Quick Tips to make your use of Adaptive more streamlined and efficient.

University faculty and staff are subject to a variety of conflict of interest laws, regulations, and requirements depending on their official duties for the University and external financial relationships.  This website provides general information, references, and resources to assist you in meeting your personal obligations to comply with conflict of interest requirements as they related to procurement activities; it is not intended as legal advice and should not be construed as such.  Any questions regarding interpretation and application of laws and regulations should be directed to the

This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk users through basic navigation in Adaptive Planning’s Reports.

 This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk users through basic navigation in Adaptive Planning Sheets.

This crosswalk lists the most used financial reports in University Business Intelligence (UBI) Reporting and maps them to the reports that are most like them in Workday. Note that the Workday reports contain real time data.

This QRG is designed to walk Workday users through the report functionality in Workday. By the end of this QRG, you will be able to run, view, and navigate data within reports using Workday’s various functionalities.