This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk a Payroll Accounting Adjustment Specialist through the steps to find and edit a Historical Payroll Accounting Adjustment in Workday. By the end of this QRG, users will be able to successfully find and make edits to an existing historical PAA that you saved for later.

Hire, Add Job, and Change Job are all Workday HCM (Human Capital Management) processes that trigger inbox actions for Payroll Costing Managers. This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) will walk through what the Payroll Costing Manager will do upon receipt of that inbox notification.

These slides cover:  how to Create a Payroll Accounting Adjustment in Workday, how to run reports related to Payroll Accounting Adjustment, how to Request a Payroll Accounting Adjustment for Oneself, and how Create a Historical Payroll Accounting Adjustment

These slides cover the following:
• The purpose of costing allocations and the high-level business
• When and how to assign various types of costing allocation:
− Worker Position
− Worker Position Earning
• The various requirements when allocating costs to grants: Salary
over the Cap (SOC), cost share, temp workers, approval routing,
and Federal Work Study
• How to maintain existing costing allocations
• How to request a costing allocation for oneself
• How to run reports related to Payroll Costing

These course slides cover the following:
• Which business processes use costing allocation and costing
override as a subtask
• How to process Inbox Tasks that are routed to you as part of the
following Human Capital Management (HCM) Tasks:
− Hire, Add Job, Change Job
− Period Activity Pay
− One-Time Payment

If you receive payments from more than one of UVA’s three payroll systems (Academic Division, the Medical Center, and University Physicians Group), you may need to set up new direct deposit instructions when Workday goes live. You can log in and make your payment choices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Below you'll see instructions for changing your direct deposit.