Book Lodging

How to book, pay for, and change/cancel lodging

Log onto TravelUVA
  • Lodging can be booked through TravelUVA's online booking tool or directly with a CBT agent. Access is available to discounts through several travel consortia to which Christopherson Business Travel belongs.
    • CBT Agent Team:
    • *Note: An agent fee is assessed when booking directly through a CBT agent. There is no fee for booking through TravelUVA's online booking tool (Concur). 
  • From the AirPortal dashboard, select "Book Travel" on the left, and then "Book/Manage Online Trips" to access the Concur online booking tool.
  • For local lodging, University employees are strongly encouraged to utilize local hotels under contract with the University. Reservations can be made through TravelUVA or directly with the contract hotels.
  • Conference hotels can be booked directly with the hotel or by calling a Christopherson Business Travel agent at 1-844-4UVA-CBT (1-844-488-2228) and providing them with the conference information. Conference hotel rates are not available in the online booking tool.
Enter Dates & Location
  • Select the icon for "Hotel Search".
  • Enter check-in date and check-out date.
  • Enter location based on Airport, Company Location, Address, or Reference Point/Zipcode.
  • Select "Search".
Review & Select
    • Travelers must follow the single lodging limit of $300. Taxes and surcharges may be reimbursed in addition to the lodging limit. When the rate is exceeded by more than two times the lodging limit, justification is required, along with supervisor approval.
    • Non-refundable lodging is not allowed per University Travel Policy.
    • Local UVA contracted hotels will be listed as a "Most Preferred Hotel", and the UVA negotiated rate will be listed as "University of Virginia", "UVA", or similar. You may need to scroll to find the UVA-negotiated rate. 
    • UVA employees may book a generic government rate, or a state government rate if booking a hotel within Virginia. For hotels outside of Virginia, UVA employees will not qualify for the state government rates. Before reserving a room at a government rate, check the terms on the hotel's site. If the traveler does not qualify, the reduced government rate may not be honored at check-in.
    Verify & Confirm
    • Hotel reservations are NOT pre-paid through TravelUVA or most other booking sources. The traveler will need to present a credit card in their name when he/she checks in to the hotel.
      • The only exception to this is for local hotels where UVA holds contracts. A travel assistant may enter his/her computing ID in the "special information" field when booking in the Concur online booking tool or call the hotel and give his/her T&E card information over the phone.
      • For non-local hotels, arrangements for pre-payment may be made by contacting the hotel directly after confirming the reservation.
    • Itemized receipts are required regardless of the dollar amount.
    • The University of Virginia is not exempt from Virginia sales tax on lodging.
    • Tips should be reasonable and follow best practices. It is customary to tip bellmen, porters, and hotel cleaning staff. Tips are not reimbursed if you are claiming meal per diems.
    • The Travel and Expense Card is the preferred method of payment.
    • If you need to change or cancel your reservation:
      • The reservation may be changed or canceled through TravelUVA's Concur online booking tool.
      • The traveler must communicate changes in travel plans to the hotel as soon as possible when a confirmed reservation is being held. Charges for non-canceled reservations will not be reimbursed if the traveler is negligent in canceling reservations.
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