Utilize Remote Deposit Services (RDS)

Remote deposit services allows departmental deposits to the Bank of America from a check scanner at an individual’s workstation, eliminating the need to bring deposits to the cashier’s office in Carruthers Hall.

Request a Scanner
Wait for approval

Wait for confirmation that your CashPro profile and RDS capabilities have been approved.

Log in to CashPro Online

Login to CashPro Online using the Company ID, User ID, and Password

  • The Company ID and User ID will be provided at the same time that you receive confirmation of your profile’s approval
  • Please note that in order to login to CashPro for the first time, you must use an "Access Code" in place of a password. The Access Code will be automatically emailed to you by CashPro after your new profile has been approved. You will then be prompted to set your password and answer some password-recovery questions.
Set up the scanner

Set up the scanner and/or download mobile app

Create a New Deposit

Navigate to the Remote Deposit screen, create a new deposit, select the Account Group (the Unit where the deposit should be made), and proceed to follow the instructions provided by CashPro

Did you know