Keeping you involved and informed

UVAFinance strives to be your trusted financial partner. 

This involves close collaboration with you, our financial and administrative professionals across Grounds.  The Change Enablement and Continuous Improvement team is pleased to partner with the Central Finance team and our partners across UVA to facilitate this collaboration.

It's our privilege to assist you!

Stay Informed

Find regularly updated helpful info in these sources:

  • The UVAFinance Blog: The blog is updated continually.  Every two weeks, we send a digest of the top news items to a mailing list made up of all Workday Finance users and others who have requested it.  Contact AskFinance to be added to the list if you don’t receive the digest.   You can always find the latest issue of the digest under the UVAFinance News Ticker on the homepage of our website
  • Fiscal Administrators’ Meeting & Newsletter:  Fiscal Administrators meet monthly via Zoom.  Various Finance departments are on the agenda each month, sharing information and gathering feedback.  The meeting recording and a summary of items covered are distributed after each meeting (The “Top of Mind Newsletter”).  To see the yearly meeting schedule and materials from past meetings, click on “Meetings and Resources” just to the left on this page, and choose “Fiscal Administrators.” Contact AskFinance to be added to the Fiscal Administrators’ mailing list.
  • UVAFinance Website:  Our site is updated frequently to keep information current.  One handy place to find information is the UVAFinance News Ticker on the homepage.   To ensure you’re using the most up-to-date version of our forms and resources, always access them from the website instead of downloading files to your computer. 

Stay Involved

Take these opportunities to share your feedback and ask questions.

  • Attend Fiscal Administrators’ Meetings: This monthly meeting always features lots of conversation and feedback.  You can find the yearly meeting schedule and materials from past meetings by navigating to “Meetings and Resources” to the left on this page, and then choosing “Fiscal Administrators.”  We distribute a full meeting recap and action items after each meeting.  Need to be added to the invitation/mailing list?  Contact AskFinance.
  • Know who in your school or unit works with us in partner groups:  Our leadership team meets regularly with groups such as the FDM Advisory Committee, the Finance Advisory Committee, and more.  See the members of each group by navigating to “Meetings and Resources” to the left on this page, and then choosing the group of interest.
  • Participate in Continuous Improvement projects and User Feedback sessions:  We routinely hold sessions dedicated to ensuring that any changes in our processes are effective and efficient for our users.  We also work with our finance partners in the field on larger continuous improvement projects.  These come up frequently throughout the year.  If you’re asked, participate when you can.  If you are interested in participating, contact us via AskFinance.

Get in touch with us

The best way to reach UVAFinance is via AskFinance (the Finance Solution Center).  When you email, you can mention to whom or what group the email should be directed.  Using AskFinance helps us respond to you correctly and completely as well as to track our responses, and also the issues and comments that are rising to the surface across the enterprise.

The UVAFinance Project Dashboard

The Change Enablement & Continuous Improvement team is responsible for developing, managing, and tracking a continuous improvement/effort portfolio that addresses both internal UVAFinance and the broader University finance community needs. This also includes facilitating operational priority planning efforts requiring transparency throughout UVAFinance. 

Visit the dashboard here.