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Workday Financials Training

All training is role-based. If you have requested a Workday Finance role, you will be assigned the training for that role and will be able to find it in the “Required for You” section of Workday Learning. If you do not see it or if you want to complete the training prior to or when you submit a request for a role, you may search for the training for the role as listed below and enroll.

Requesting Finance Security Roles

To request access to a Workday Finance Security Role, log in to Workday  and choose System Access Requests.  Not sure what training is required or recommended?  Check out our Security Roles & Training list. 

You’ll also be able to access help right at the point where you're working in the system through Workday Digital Assist (WDA). 

Training Registration and Resources

Below you'll find lists of the available training along with Quick Reference Guides and Course Slides (as they are made available). Access this Workday Financials Self-Paced Training Cheat Sheet for a summary of the content covered in each course and the security role(s) for whom each course is intended. The Cheat Sheet includes links to the courses and related course materials.

Time with a Trainer

To schedule a meeting, please click on the link below that corresponds with the functional area and follow the instructions to schedule the meeting. You will receive an email confirmation immediately. Be sure to click on the button (in the confirmation email) to add the meeting to your calendar.

Accounting Journals and Accounting Adjustments (Accountant)

Access Course Slides

Access Self-Paced Training

Accounting Cheat Sheet


Create Accounting Journal

Create Accounting Journal Bulk Upload

Edit, Copy, and Cancel Accounting Journal

Perform Accounting Adjustment

Reverse Accounting Journal

Video Demonstrations 

Accounting Journals Bulk Load

Accounting Journals Manual Load

Reverse Accounting Journal

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View and Edit Accounting Journal

Accounting Adjustment

Financial Reporting & Accounting



Ad Hoc Bank Transactions (Cost Center Specialist)

Access Course Slides

Access Self-Paced Training


Review Ad Hoc Bank Transaction

Video Demonstrations

Department Deposit

Merchant Account

Expenditure Credit

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Approving Workday Transactions (Cost Center Manager)
Customer Accounts (Customer Billing Specialist/Customer Contract Specialist)

Access Course Slides

Access Self-Paced Training

Customer QRGs:

Add/Edit Customer Contacts

Adjust Customer Invoice

Change Customer Summary

Create Customer

Create Customer Invoice

Create, Print, and Email Consolidated Customer Invoice

Manage Document Delivery

Print and Email Customer Invoice

Print and Email Customer Statements

Set Up Customer Portal Accounts

Customer Contracts QRGs:

Amend Customer Contract

Create Customer Contract

Create Customer Invoices for Billing Installments

Creating Billing Schedule for Customer Contract

Schedule Create Billing Schedule for Customer Contracts QRG

Video Demonstrations

Customer Invoice Adjustment

Customer Portal

Edit Customer and Change Customer Survey

Print and Email Consolidated Customer Invoice Statement

Print and Email Customer Invoice

Print and Email Customer Statement

Customer Accounts Refund

Add Customer Contact and Manage Document Delivery

Create a Customer

Create a Customer Invoice

Credit and Re-bill


Petty Cash Account Replenishment (Petty Custodian)
Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, and Supplier Invoice Requests (Procurement Shopper, P2P Requisitioner)

Access Course Slides

Access Self-Paced Training


Act on Assigned Cart

Attaching Documentation on Supplier Invoices

Cancel, Copy, & Edit Supplier Invoice Request

Change My Work Space and "Deliver To" Location

Contract Requests

Create and Assign Cart

Change Purchase Order

Closing Purchase Orders

Create Purchase Requisition 

Create A Non-Catalog Purchase Request 

Create A Non-Catalog Requisition Template

Create Recurring Supplier Invoice Request

Create Requisition Worktags Template

Create Supplier Invoice Request

Allowable Categories for Creating a Supplier Invoice Request

Find Original Requester on Converted PO

Find and View Payment Status for Supplier Invoice

Find Supplier Information in Workday

Foreign Wire PO

Match Exceptions FAQ

Match Exception Investigation and Correction

Print Purchase Order

Submitting Reimbursements for Non-Employees

Supplier Invoice Approval

Supplier Invoice Request Approval for Non-Employees


Video Demonstrations

Supplier Invoice Approval

Procurement Shopper: Create a Supplier Invoice Request

Procurement Shopper: Create a Requisitions Worktag Template

Procurement Shopper: Create a Purchase Requisition

Procurement Shopper: Change Requisition through My Requisition Report

Procurement Shopper: Change Purchase Order

Procurement Shopper: Cancel, Copy, and Edit a Supplier Invoice Request

Procurement Shopper: Act on an Assigned Cart