Finance Reporting and Analytics Release Notes 

Finance Reporting and Analytics Release Notes

Finance Reporting and Analytics Release Notes for December 2nd.   This update includes significant new reports and modifications that have been released in the month of November as well as known issues that we are investigating or working on currently.

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Workday Reporting

Significant Workday Reporting Updates:

Pay Period and Retro Pay Period Information now available in selected Workday reports
  • Spend Detail Report
  • Details for Account Certification (report has also been cleaned up to summarize rows with multiple Pay Components)
  • Payroll Journal Line Details
  • Payroll Accounting Adjustments Journal Lines
  • This field will be added to UBI Workday Journal Lines once we are able to pull it through the warehouse

Fund Balance Reporting

  • Through collaboration between the Accounting, FP&A, and Treasury teams we have settled on the fund and ledger accounts that are included in Expendable Fund Balances.  Expendable Fund Balance is the new version of the "Cash Balance Summary Report" that we had in UBI for Oracle. 
    • Expendable Fund Balance Operational Funds (FD021) in the following Ledger Accounts:
      • IIP (1103, 1104)
      • Accounts Receivable, Student Accounts (1301)
      • Endowment Distribution (1996, 2996)
      • Deposit Liabilities (2400)
      • Net Position (3999)
      • Investments
      • Revenues, Expenses, Transfers
  • The following reports have been updated to reflect this criteria:
    • These reports display the FY Beginning Balance + FYTD Revenue, Expense, and Transfers:
      • Fund Balance by Cost Center
      • Fund Balance by Assignee
      • Fund Balance with FDM
      • Sources and Uses Budget vs Actual with Balances
    • These reports display the Current Expendable Fund Balance Summary (Balance Sheet and FYTD Activity)
      • Expendable Fund Balance Summary (this report will be used by Treasury to monitor MBU balances for policy compliance)
      • (NEW) Fund Balance Comparison by Ledger Account - this report will allow you to compare the Trial Balance to Expendable Fund Balance
  • UBI Fund Balance app will be available in Production no later than the 1st week of January

Numerous other minor enhancements and defect resolutions

Known Reporting Issues in Workday currently under review or items of interest in Development:

Spend Detail Report - Hotel name from Expense Report does not pull into the Vendor/Payee field


UBI Reports

Enhancements to UBI Reports:

Workday FDM Reference
  • Added hierarchy levels 3 & 4 to the Activity worktag sheet
Workday RAD
  • Added F&A Commitments and Obligations
  • Added Payroll Costing Sheet


 New Apps/Reports added to UBI:

Workday Account Certification Dashboard
  • Robust filtering and views of Account Certification statuses than available in Workday including a cost center filter that includes projects and grants.
  • View next person or persons in the workflow regardless of status
  • View Account Cert volumes by unit, preparer, approver
  • Monthly Trends on volume and on-time performance
  • Workday Journal Lines
    • Empty worktags now display as "---" and can be used to filter data
  • Workday Payroll Costing
    • Added Award Name/Number fields

NOTE:  The FDM Mapping Output app and Budget Conversion app no longer be available in UBI as of 12/2 as the information in these apps has become increasingly outdated since mapping activity was frozen last spring.

Items in UBI currently under review or development:

Workday Journal Lines

  • Allow filtering on NULL Worktags
  • Add Pay Period field
  • Greater detail in Expenditure Comment field
Workday Budget vs Actuals
  • Correct Obligations calculation when prior periods are selected
  • Add Employee/Position information
Workday Fund Balance (expected release early January)
  • Need to ensure alignment with Workday reports
Workday Delegations (On Hold - pending approval to release) Workday Payroll Costing
  • Missing employees without costing allocations
  • Add Position Restrictions
Workday RAD
  • PI access
  • Grant To/From Dates correction
  • Multiple Grant Managers

Important note regarding EDW/UBI reload schedule

The Date Warehouse (EDW) and UBI are currently scheduled to reload Sunday – Thursday nights with data extracts from Workday starting at 9 PM.  This timing is driven by maintenance and backup schedules for Workday and our data center. Plan is to load data warehouse and UBI on the weekend at December 2022 close


General Note on Obligations reporting in Fund Balance or Budget vs Actuals reports:

The default Ending Budget Date prompt is set to 6/30/23 however this will include the final FY payroll for 12-month Faculty that is deferred until July of the new fiscal year.  You can set the Ending Budget Date to 6/22/23 to prevent this.  We are looking into options for other ways to account for this, but that is the current solution.