Countdown to Workday Financials Go-Live

one, workday financials (cloud-based financial enterprise systems) two, adaptive planning (workday's budgeting and planning tool) Three, Enhanced Reporting and analytics (improved insight and informed decision-making) four, continuous improvement (better training and process standardization for effective results).

Workday Financials launched on July 5!  We are well on our way to enjoying the many benefits that come along with this modernized system: improved reporting tools, increased efficiencies, and consolidation of HR and Finance in one single system. 

Adaptive Planning 3.0 is LIVE!

Read more about the launch of Adaptive Planning 3.0 here. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind during this phase of the Finance Strategic Transformation project:

We are here to help.

No system implementation is perfect, and we know you'll have questions, especially in the early days.  That's why our team of User Success Agents is prepared to assist you.   We look forward to helping you, so contact us with your questions and concerns at askfinance@virginia.edu or 434-924-3400.

We will communicate often.

Now that Workday Financials has launched, you can still expect the same level of timely communication that was present leading up to go-live.  We'll also be posting regular updates on the website and on the UVAFinance blog.  If you haven't already, subscribe to the biweekly blog digest by entering your email into the subscription form on the top left of the blog.

Resources are available.

Remember that learning resources are available to help you navigate the new system.  Review security roles, required training, course slides, and quick reference guides on the Workday Finance Training page.

Work continues after launch.

Work on the system is ongoing.  For more information on the Workday Financials functionalities still in progress and relevant workarounds, visit the list of deferred items and their progress below.



Timely Updates


  • Within the next two weeks, the FDM freeze should be lifted (more info soon - added July 20, 2022)
  • July 25:  Finance Security Roles can now be requested in Workday See the roles and their training requirements here
  • Release Notes for Reporting & Analytics (added July 24)
  • Office Hours Scheduled for August 
  • Conversion of Purchase Orders for P2P approvers
  • Want to adjust your Workday Financials notifications?  You can update your user preferences in Workday to mute and adjust the frequency.
  • Known issues: 
    • PO Numbers look different
    • Expenses from the 5/25-6/24 payroll were converted into Workday as an accounting journal and is missing F&A in some instances so users will note discrepancies between Oracle and Workday expenditures. The team has identified the issue and is working to resolve via correcting accounting journals.
    • Grants historical data conversion in progress – reports reflecting historical budget and actuals will be empty in Workday until the conversion is completed in August.  If historical data on grants is needed, it is available in UBI.
    • Marketplace pricing is different by the browser - the correct browser to use is Google Chrome - Internet Explorer is not supported by Jaggaer or by many of our punchout suppliers. (Added July 12, 2022)
    • Intercompany expense report issue for credit card transactions:  Workday is currently experiencing an error when submitting intercompany expense reports (expense paid by a different company than your own) for T&E Card Transactions. (Added July 12, 2022)
      • If you need to create an intercompany expense report for reimbursement, please follow the normal procedure of leaving the Company as Rector & Visitors of UVA,  and update the Company on Expense Line to the company paying for the expenses (ex: UPG).
      • However, if you need to create an intercompany expense report for a T&E card transaction, please enter the Company and the Company on Expense Line both as Rector & Visitors of UVA. Then enter the other company’s worktag values (ex: UPG cost center). The accounting will be adjusted on the back-end.
    • Delegation (added July 21, 2022)

      • Approvals: Currently, all delegations require approval except for expense reports. Create Expense Reports can be delegated for more than 12 months and does not require approval; however, if there is an existing HCM/FIN delegation then it will require approval. Workday is sending the existing delegation and the new delegation request to approvers instead of the create expense report assignment being immediate.  Until a permanent solution is reached, to set up delegations to initiate expense reports that bypass this approval process, please fill out the Mass Delegation Requests Template and submit it to askfinance@virginia.edu.  The FST Team will then key these submissions in on your school/unit's behalf.

      • Delegation Reports: You can run reports such as My Delegations to view all your delegations or View My Delegation Assignments to see all your assignments as a delegate. Currently, reports do not exist in Workday to see who has a delegate set up and to view delegations for the entire cost center. The project team is working on solutions to address these areas.


Items in Progress

FDM Worktag Creation

  • Status at Launch:  No new worktag requests will be processed until further notice.  This includes the request for new worktag values, name changes or hierarchy changes.  
  • Planned Update:  Once we have established a stable Workday Finance environment, we will begin to allow FDM requests.  An automated request tool is being developed.  No launch date has been set.

Fund Balance Realignment

  • Status at Launch: Balances loaded to Workday on 7/1/22 will be based off GL string crosswalks, which do not consider historical project linking in GA. Therefore, balances cannot be viewed at the Gift or Designated level. Cost Center balances would be based on Org to Cost Center crosswalks of the Incurring Org in Oracle (not the Owning Org).  
  • Planned Update: Initial realignment of unit cash basis balances will be completed by Central Office by 7/11/22. Balances will be realigned to the Gift, Designated, and Cost Center (based on Owning Org in Oracle). Units will work starting on 7/11/22 to further realign balances to different Cost Centers, Programs, Activities, Assignees, etc. Central’s initial realignment efforts can also be corrected at this point if necessary, within certain parameters. Units will submit JE templates through the askfinance listserv by the 22nd of each month to request this further realignment. These templates will be reviewed by Central before processing by each month-end.  

Project Life-To-Date

  • Status at Launch: Historical project information will not be available. 
  • Planned Update: Active project life-to-date balances are expected to be available by July 6th.  This will be part of Central’s Fund Balance Realignment efforts. 

Grants Life-To-Date

  • Status at Launch: Historical grants information will not be available.  
  • Planned Update: Active grants life-to-date balances are expected to be available in August  

Adaptive Planning

  • Status at Launch: Reports will be available based on security role assignments at go-live. Users should email askfinance@virginia.edu to provide feedback on utility. This applies to Workday, Adaptive, and UBI. 
  • Planned Update:  On July 28th, users can access Adaptive 3.0 for updates to the working budget in the new FDM. The budget will be available in Workday on August 17th.  


  • Status at Launch: Reports will be available based on security role assignments at go-live. Users should email askfinance@virginia.edu to provide feedback on utility. This applies to Workday, Adaptive, and UBI. 
  • Planned Update: The reports team will work with functional owners to review and prioritize requested changes. 

Named Professorships

  • Status at Launch: Named Professorships will still be associated to HCM/Payroll’s 3 Basic Gifts. The 3 Basic Gifts created during the HCM/Payroll deployment will not be replaced by the specific gift that supports the Named Professorship until after go-live. 
  • Planned Update: The gifts functional team will be working with units to map the Named Professorship to gift worktag links between July 5th and September 30th.  

Recently Converted Gifts and Awards

  • Status at Launch: Any gifts and awards converted after initial unit validation will contain placeholder detail (e.g., hierarchies, attributes, and unit gift manager assignments). A unique Gift ID will still be assigned
  • Planned Update: More recently converted gifts in Workday will be validated by the Units and updated by the gifts team between July 5th and September 30th.  Recently closed gifts that were converted will be inactivated in Workday after go-live, so as not to disrupt conversions underway.     

Payroll Obligations

  • Status at Launch: Payroll Obligations will not be available in reports immediately after go-live. 
  • Planned Updates: Initial Payroll Obligations will be calculated/posted and available in Workday reports on July 11th.  

Incomplete Shipping Address

  • Status at Launch: Shipping addresses sent to suppliers at go-live will include the applicable company (I.e. Rector & Visitors, UVA College at Wise, or Southwest Higher Education Center), an Attention Line that contains the requester’s name, a street address, city, state and zip code.  No building or room information will be included. 
  • Planned Update: The functional team will be working with our Marketplace supplier to build a crosswalk that will translate new Workday deliver-to location codes to a full shipping address that will include building and room information.  We expect this solution to be in place by late July. See more information here.