Engaging with Our Finance Partners

The FST Project wrapped up in 2022! Thank you to all of our partners across Grounds.

We marked a significant milestone in Finance Strategic Transformation this July with the launch of Workday Financials in place of Oracle as our financial system of record, and, later that same month, the University's new financial planning tool, Adaptive Planning 3.0. This cloud-based technology leverages industry best practices, develops a future-state business model, and enables us to use modernized tools. Practically speaking, Workday Financials and Adaptive Planning reduce administrative burden, make compliance easier and more consistent, strengthen our risk management framework,  improve our reporting and analytics, and allow the University to better steward its resources. 

The FST Project may be officially over, but engagement is will be ongoing in 2023

The spirit of collaboration forged during the project will carry forward into 2023 and beyond.  Fiscal Administrators will continue to meet monthly, along with regular meetings of the Finance Advisory committee and Continuous Improvement Working Groups.  See more detail on the website.

In addition, the UVAFinance Trainers have released a new slate of one on one Time with a Trainer time slots that you can slide into if you need help with Workday Financials.  Although FST is officially ending, the support and collaboration from the finance team aren’t ending, and neither is the individual and collective change journey that you and your team will experience.  

The Change Enablement & Continuous Improvement will also engage in Listening Tours in early 2023, gathering info on what UVA schools and units need in terms of support as they move forward with our new systems and processes.

Need Help?  Email us at askfinance@virginia.edu or call us at 434.982.2315