FST Decision Log

    Decision History Tier Last Update
  FUNDRIVER UVA will continue to use Fundriver instead of Workday's endowment solution.

Oct 2019: Information presented and feedback gathered from Gifts & Endowments Business Process Discovery Workshop.

Feb 2020: Supplemental Systems Survey demonstrated percentage of people who use Fundriver.

May 2020: FST project team determined that Workday endowment management solution could not calculate UVIMCO fees. Jun 2020: Decision made to stay with Fundriver. Currently working on integrating Fundriver with Workday tenant.

3 Jun-20
02 Expensing UVA will replace its current expensing system, Chrome River, with Workday Expenses.

Dec 2019: Presentation of decision to Steering Committee.

Dec 2019: Presentation of decision to Advisory Group.

Feb 2020: Deep Dive sessions on WD Expenses vs. Chrome River. Recommendation sought from Steering Committee.

Mar 2020: Workday Expenses demonstration to Advisory Group.

Apr 2020: Survey seeking feedback from Steering Committee.

Apr 2020: Workday Expenses demonstration to FA.

1 Jun-20
  CBT Mandated Travel UVA will NOT mandate use of CBT. June 2020: Decision made to not pursue mandating use of CBT for all travel. Approved by the project team, as the decision did not change current state practice. 3 Jun-20
  Data Conversion - Vendor Supplied Contracts Pre-existing contracts will ONLY be converted from Jaggaer, NOT from Oracle. June 2020: Decision made to continue current state practice related to vendor supplied contracts. Approved by the project team, as the decision did not change current state practice. 2 Jun-20
  Jaggaer Marketplace User Access Anyone who has access to enter a purchase requisition will have access to the UVA Marketplace (Jaggaer) June 2020: Decsion made to continue current state practice related to access to UVA Marketplace (Jaggaer). Approved by the project team, as the decision did not change current state practice. 2 Jun-20
  Request For Quote Decision Point UVA will NOT use Workday RFQ functionality. June 2020: Decsion made to continue current state practice related to the request for quote process. At this time, Workday RFQ functionality will not be utilized. Approved by the project team, as the decision did not change current state practice. 2 Jun-20
  Multi-Currency / Global LLC Revisit need for multi-currency functionality (e.g. foreign wires, foreign travel). Decide whether Global LLC can/should transact in WD. June 2020: Decision was to proceed with external conversion & manual consolidation to Global LLC. The team will explore the LOE required to bring the Global LLC and WFOE into organizational scope. Decision approved by Augie Maurelli to not use Multi-Currency functionality. 3 Jun-20
  Reporting Security Approach Need to validate the high-level security approach for UVA re: users viewing transactions in the system across all organizations. I.e. will users be able to see all transactions with only certain restrictions for sensitive items (per current state) or will there larger restrictions on viewing abilities, especially for reporting. May 2020: Decision made by Functional Owners Group to continue to allow users to view transaction across all organizations without restrictions. 3 May-20
  Bonus Depreciation Budget depreciation functionality was determined not to be in scope.   3 Jul-20
  Reverse Credit/Debit For company accounting details, UVA will be setting journal reversal to reverse debit/credit.   3 Jul-20
  SWAM Codes SWAM will be tracked in supplier classification - some may also be brought in as Supplier groups, if needed.   3 Aug-20

Pre-Encumbrance (Commitment) and Encumbrance (Obligation) operational accounting functionality

UVA will use pre-encumbrance and encumbrance functionality for procurement, expense, payroll, and fringe benefits.   2 Aug-20
  Gift Types/Pooled Functionality UVA determined that 3 gift types should be used: spendable, non-pooled, and undetermined. UVA will not be using the pooled functionality.   3 Aug-20
  Donor and donor contributions UVA determined that we will not enable donor and donor contribution functionality.   3 Aug-20
  Frequency of Advance Integration UVA will integrate gift data from the Advance system on a daily basis.   3 Aug-20

FUNDRIVER Integration

UVA will integrate between FUNDRIVER and Workday monthly for investment activity/administration fees/spending distribution.   2 Aug-20
  1042-S Processing/Reporting Integration UVA will keep Thomson Reuters in place for go-live for 1042-S processing and filing purposes.   3 Aug-20
  Internal Catalogs UVA will use internal catalog for ISPs.   3 Sep-20
  Expenditure Types for Capital Spend categories and ledger accounts will differentiate capital and non-capital expenses.   3 Sep-20
  Fixed Assets Conversion Convert only active assets into Workday at go-live.   3 Sep-20

Adoption of Workday Internal Service Delivery (ISD) Functionality

UVA will adopt Workday Internal Service Provider (ISP) functionality for schools/units providing goods and services to others that are internal to UVA through the Internal Service Delivery (ISD) process.

November 2020: Decision has already gone to FOM and was socialized with stakeholder groups. RAPID form awaiting final signoff.

December 2020: Decision announced.

2 Dec-20

Supplier Onboarding through PaymentWorks

PaymentWorks will be the new Supplier and Individual Payee registration system, replacing Total Supplier Management (TSM) in the Marketplace. Decision has already gone to FOM. Team is drafting RAPID for final signoff. December 2020: Decision announced. 1 Dec-20
816 One Card vs. Two Card for Procurment & Travel Decided to keep a one card system instead of breaking out T&E expenses from procurement expenses.

Decision has already gone to FOM and was socialized with stakeholder groups. Tier moved from 1 to 3 because recommendation is to continue current one card practice.

December 2020: Decision announced.

3 Dec-20

Naming Convention for Gifts and Endowments

Using two prefixes as sight logic for Gifts in the Short Name field. Decision has already gone to FOM - circulating w/FDM Governance. Proposal has been socialized with stakeholder groups Team is drafting RAPID for final signoff. 2 Jan-21

Data Warehouse-Trend reporting pre/post WD go live

Decision: FST will not map and convert data in the warehouse to the new FDM.

Data Warehouse remediation scope for FST implementation and conversion process is not defined. Consistent messaging is not sent out on plan for conversion of historical data outside of Workday. Decision will go to Governance in January 2021.

March 2021: decision announced.

1 Mar-21

Per Diem Policy

Decision: Configure Workday Financials to accommodate both Per Diem and Actuals, revisit policy post-Implementation.

Currently, the University allows individuals to request reimbursement for meals/travel expenses based on a per diem rate or actuals. A request has been made to analyze the benefits and risks of adjusting University policy to require all individuals to submit request for reimbursement based on a per diem rate policy.

March 2021: decision announced.

2 Mar-21

Position budgeting - position plan structures in WD

Decision: Position Budgets will be generated in Adaptive Planning and loaded to Workday for reporting. No changes will be made to the existing HCM business processes and Position Budget Checking will not be implemented.

WD Position Budgeting has not been in scope for FST due to its HR focus and a lack of current state requirements. Position Budgeting is not a current state activity; however, UVA has set a future state reporting goal for monitoring personnel expense budget by position, employee, and/or vacancy.

Will position budget plan structures be implemented in Workday, separately from the Financial Budget plan structures?

December 2020: Implementation position budget plan structures in WD separate from financial plan structure.

March 2021: Decision announced.

2 Mar-21
631 F&A on Cost Share UVA will implement both F&A waived expense allocation profile and track F&A on cost share in Workday. Review and analysis on whether the University should track lost F&A on Cost Share. 2 Mar-21
634 Waived F&A See 631 Review and analysis on whether the University should track waived F&A. 2 Mar-21
662 Future State Non-Catalog Requisition Process Flow Catalog and Non-Catalog requisitions will punchout to Jaggaer. Investigating whether UVA can utilize WD Questionnaire functionality to route non-catalog requisitions for buyer review. Decision will go to Governance in December 2020. 2 Apr-21
3208 Jaggaer Digital Mailroom (OCR Vendor Selection) Final Decision: UVA will implement Jaggaer's Digital Mailroom solution for OCR invoicing. Spend team needs to decide whether and which OCR vendor to utilize for invoice capture. 1 Apr-21

Receiving in Workday (Invoice Matching Redesign)

Decision: Receiving acknowledgement will only be required for invoices greater than $10,000. Receiving acknowledgement will be indicated by approval of invoice. Users will have the ability to add receiving documentation at the time of approval.

June 2020: Decsion made to continue current state practice related to invoice matching. Approved by the project team, as the decision did not change current state practice.

October 2020: review and analysis of current matching processes and proposal of new requirements.

November 2020: decision on revising and redesigning matching policy for invoices before payments will go to Governance in January 2021.

May 2021: Decision received final signature.

2 May-21
2340 & 5472 Will MC & UPG continue to utilize Accounting String? Decision: “Charge to Company” solutionuses Workday delivered Costing Allocation configuration, Charge to Company, to post payrollactivity directly to the funding company. It would allow for Accounting String to be decommissioned. Need to determine how Accounting String is used in HCM/Payroll and whether this custom organization will be retained or decommissioned and the functionality dependent on such completed in another manner. 1 May-21
603 Discontinue use of WebWire Decision: Most wire payments will be paid through the normal settlement run process. For any exceptions, we can leverage either a Workday request or form or Salesforce to intake the request. Banking information will always be provided directly by the payee through our supplier registration system. UVA currently uses WebWire to drive wire payment request and workflow processing -- Workday has the capability to mask bank accounts of suppliers and facilitate this workflow process. This question is impacted by the introduction of PaymentWorks. 2 Jun-21
  Budget Checking Budget checking was determined to be out of scope for all Workday functional areas and wil not be implemented during the FINS implementation. Budget vs. Actual reporting will be developed to support confirmation of available balances before spending. June 2021: Decision presented in Financial Budgets CCS2 session.   Jun-21
  Budget Level of Detail Budget development will be completed at lowest level of the new Workday FDM June 2021: Decision presented in Financial Budgets CCS2 session.   Jun-21
  Multi-Year Financial Planning (MYFP) All units will complete a multi-year financial plan (rollout to be determined). MYFP will be developed in Adaptive Planning. June 2021: Decision presented in Financial Budgets CCS2 slides.   Jun-21
  Required Redesign of Adaptive Planning Budget Business Process Redesign and Adaptive 3.0 Build began July 1, 2021. June 2021: Decision presented in Financial Budgets CCS2 session.   Jun-21
  FDM Approval Routing & Spend Authority Final Decision: Transactions will route based on each of these worktag types: Grant, Designated, Project to Grant Manager, Cost Center Manager, and/or Project Budget Specialists. Spend authority will be delegated to department shoppers by role to bypass approval at either $5k or $10k. June 2021: Decision presented in Supplier Accounts CCS2 session.   Jun-21
615 Requisition User Access Final Decision: UVA will allow all Workday users to access Jaggaer and create carts. Decision to be made on whether user access to create a requisition stays restricted or is extended to all users. Will require additional discussion with schools and departments. CP1 will be based on open access to create requisition. 1 Jun-21
645 Customer Portal and Accounting Payments Decision made to adopt Workday's Customer Portal but to not use integration with third-party processor, so customers will not be able to make credit card or e-check payments through the Portal. After Customers are created in Workday, they can be given access to a Customer Portal, a restricted view of Workday, for self-service. Provides functionality for customer to pay online. This functionality requires Workday customers to create and host a web application to reroute the customer portal user from the Workday tenant to a third party payment service.   Jul-21
367 Administrative Supplements (Position Budgeting) UVA has a future-state reporting goal for monitoring personnel expense by position, employee, and/or vacancy.  Reporting capabilities will give HR business partners ease of access to position information when requisitions are completed, as well as alleviating the finance organization's use of shadow systems to monitor requisitions and approved budgeted positions. June 2021: Presented in CCS2 Financial Budgets session. HCM/Payroll Team has proposed adding an additional earnings component in HCM to allow for salaries to be separated from supplements in actuals.   Jul-21
5719 APR Consolidation UVA will consolidate legacy APRs for UPG/MC with the new APR set for Academic.     Sep-21
613 Workday/AI Division of Responsibility for Execution, Reporting, and Detail Recommendation: Budget monitoring activities to occur in WD. To utilize full FDM value set to load budget. Need to decide where budget execution activities will occur - Adaptive or WD. This includes Budget vs. Actuals reporting, Budget Revisions/Amendments, and level of detail. 2 Feb-21
607 Workflow Control and Approval Requirements

Translating current-state requirements into future-state up-front approvals has created three new proposed departmental roles at UVA with responsibilities for monitoring and approving transactions in real-time.

Read more here

Functional team determining interim approach in conjunction with a third party organization who were pulled in to provide a risk assessment and suggestions for building an enterprise risk management framework; finalizing an approach based on guidance from this third party organization 1 June-21
636 Recon@ in Future State   We have determined there will be a type of post-transactional attestation; Recon@ will likely be replaced by functionality within WD. 1 Upcoming
602 System Admin Responsibility Approach   The Functional team is determining interim admin assignment approach for testing; this will be updated based on leadership decisions related to Cross-platform Support before go-live. 1 Upcoming
802 Expenditure Credit Process/Policy UVA will leverage Ad Hoc Bank Transactions in order to record Expenditure Credit deposits against their original spend categories. UVA has expenditure credit policy that affects multiple processes in scope for WD FIN. Need to determine how WD can accommodate these and whether this will mean that the policy must change. Includes: Vendor Refunds, Travel Reimbursement, Sundry Reimbursements, and Joint Funding. 1 Aug-21
610 ETF usage threshold policy change $500 -> $5,000 UVA will raise the ETF threshold for the Academic Division from $500 to $5,000. The threshold for the College of Wise will remain at $500.  Decision is being socialized and discussed with Functional Owners and Associate Deans. 1 Oct-21
599 Salary Certification Decision: 1) Change scope of UVA FST project from “effort reporting” process to “salary certification” process; AND 2) adopt and integrate a third-party solution (Huron Employee Compensation Compliance (ECC)) to meet salary certification requirements The FST Team is currently exploring risks, resource considerations and cost implications. We will be evaluating over the next month and bring back recommendations to governance in August.   Aug-21
  FY23 Budget Conversion to FDM Decision: FY23 budget conversion will begin after the closure of the FY23 budget development process in April 2022. June 2021: Presented in CCS2 Financial Budgets session. Ongoing discussion with conversion team around timing of FY23 budget conversion to FDM prior to FINS going live. Awaiting final decision.   Apr-22
18338 Project ITD Scope and  Source Team is proposing to exclude Project ITD conversion objects (Funding Balances & Capitalization Entries) from overall conversion team scope and instead load Project ITD entries via fund balance realignment journal entries post go-live.     May-22