Declined T&E Card Transactions – Assistance is Always Available

If your Travel & Expense (T&E) Card is declined,  help is available, anytime you need it (even after regular business hours)! 

The BOA Self-Help: Declined T&E Transactions page is your go-to resource for instructions on how to review and resolve your declined T&E Card transactions using Bank of America Works.

There are several potential reasons for a T&E Card transaction to be declined, including:
  • Attempting to make a purchase that exceeds your card's spending limit.
  • Suspension due to outstanding T&E card transactions.
  • Suspected fraudulent activity.
  • Entering information for a payment that does not match your card’s billing address.
If you're on the go and unable to access Bank of America Works, you can call the number on the back of your card to review your declined transaction with a BOA representative.

As a reminder, you can also do a quick check on the Active Cardholder Search to view your card’s status, billing address, and spending limit. For more guidance, be sure to visit our "Declined T&E Transactions" page on the T&E Card website.