BOA Self-Help: Declined T&E Transactions

If your T&E Card is declined, you can find more information about the declined transactions by either contacting Bank of America directly or by viewing your declined transactions online (through BOA Works).


Option 1: View Transactions Online

  • Log into Bank of America Works
    • Bank of America Works link: 
    • Login Name: "207_"  (add email ID). Example: "207_jar4kj" 
    • Password: Select “Forgot your password” to reset password. 
  • View T&E Card Transactions in Works
  • View Declined T&E Card Transactions  
    • The Card Authorization Log will also show declined transactions and provide a “Decline Reason.” Common decline codes include: 
        • Suspected fraud, call Fraud Department 1-866-500-8262
        • Common causes include fraud, traveling, and making consecutive purchases from the same vendor or for the same dollar amount. 
      • "Not Enough Available Money" 
        • Attempted purchase exceeds the daily or monthly spending limit 
        • Submit a request to Change Card Limit 
        • If the Available Funds shows $1 or $5, the T&E Card may be suspended. 
      • Transaction is not visible in auth log / "REVERSAL"
        • If the transaction is not visible at all or shows as REVERSAL, the issue is likely occurring on the vendor’s end, and is typically caused by entering payment information that does not match the cardholder's billing information. The cardholder should view their card’s billing address and phone number using the Active Cardholder Search
        • The cardholder should attempt to rerun the payment using the correct billing information.
        • If the issue persists they should contact the vendor directly. The last step would be to reach out to Bank of America using the number on the back of your card. 
      • "ACTIVATION" 
        • The card has not been successfully activated. Activate Card then try to make the purchase again. 


Option 2: Contact Bank of America

Contact Bank of America using the number on the back of the card (888-449-2273) for information about declined transactions.

The verification code to speak with Bank of America is the cardholder’s University ID - the nine-digit number on the back of the University ID card. 


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