Employee Leaving Their Position? Be Sure and Update Workday Roles!

There are plenty of things to think of when a team member leaves his or her position, but in the flurry of hiring and backfilling, don’t forget to ensure you have filled the Workday Finance roles attached to that position. Even if you’re rehiring for the position immediately, ensuring the roles are temporarily assigned to another team member will keep your business processes from getting stalled.

Every month when account certifications are generated, hundreds of UVA’s business processes screech to a halt because of vacant positions with unassigned roles or because the same person is assigned the base roles for Preparer and Approver, which cannot be the same..

Nobody likes stalled business processes! This can be avoided by assigning that position’s roles to other employees before the month's end. When the vacant roles are taken care of before the end of the month, the system automatically assigns it to each account certification as needed, but it’s a time-consuming and much more complicated process if the roles are still empty at month-end.

When you do a change job, a transfer, or a termination, make it part of the process to consider the roles attached to the position in question. The Workday Support Team is focusing on more automated ways to handle this process. Until they get there, we appreciate your support in keeping business processes flowing.

  • You can check for unassigned/unfilled roles in your worktags/organizations (i.e. Cost Center, Gift, Grant, etc.) by running the Workday Security Roles app in UBI. You can also use the same app to review all security roles an individual holds.
  • You can also see empty roles by navigating to the respective worktag while in Workday (e.g. by typing it in the search bar or using the respective FDM Reference report) and then choosing the “Roles” tab.
  • Consider making it a part of your offboarding process to have departing employees’ supervisors check and backfill their roles. Roles can be filled by submitting a System Access Request via the app in Workday. In certain instances, a mass security request to update the roles can be submitted via AskFinance, but verify with the Security Team first.