Split Transaction Awareness: T&E Card Limits and Compliance

Purchases should not be "split" into multiple payments to circumvent the T&E Card’s spending limit or requirements to seek competition. 

Cardholders can submit a Card Change Request Form any time to request a higher spending limit as needed. Requests will first be reviewed by the cardholder’s supervisor and then be processed within one business day.

The T&E Card’s spending limits can be viewed on the Active Cardholder Search. The card’s spending limits are displayed in the format of Per Transaction Limit/Monthly Limit (e.g. 10,000/25,000).

The Change Card Limit page provides further information regarding the card’s spending limit and limit increase requests.

Split transactions are reviewed regularly and will result in a card violation if it is determined that the cardholder intentionally circumvented their card’s spending limit.  Please let us know if you have questions or concerns; the T&E Team is happy to help you!