Report Fraud/Dispute a Charge

Contact the Vendor

To dispute a transaction, first contact the vendor to dispute the charge on your T&E card. 

Contact Bank of America
  • To initiate a dispute that cannot be resolved with the vendor, please call the BOA Dispute Department at 855-521-1795.
  • If you believe the charge is fraudulent, please call the BOA Fraud Department at 866-500-8262.
Submit Expense Report

Fraudulent charges on the T&E Card must still be submitted in Workday Expenses within 30 days. A receipt is not required if one was not provided. Please select one of the options:

  • If you are able to promptly receive a credit, please submit the T&E Card transaction and the credit on the same report. This will reflect the credit and charge that took place balancing to $0 on the report.

    • Choose an expense item that does not require itemization. 


  • If waiting for the credit will result in the expense being submitted late (past 30 days) please submit the charge and credit on separate reports. Include comments in the report explaining that this is a fraudulent charge and you are waiting on the credit. Select the same Worktags for both of the reports.

    • Choose an expense item that does not require itemization.

Did you know