Remote Deposit Scanning (RDS)

FAQs for Remote Deposit Scanning (RDS)

Is there required training?


    • There is not required training to remotely scan checks, but you can find more information on scanning checks here
    • Once the check is scanned, it will automatically create an Ad Hoc Bank Transaction that will route to the Cost Center Deposit Specialist. There is required training to gain access to the Cost Center Deposit Specialist Role. See Workday Training Requirements on the Finance Security Roles page for more information on the required training for specific responsibilities.
Can I scan gift or foundation checks?

NO! Gift and Foundation checks must be messenger-mailed or taken to the appropriate office.  Transfer checks from Foundations need to be sent or delivered to Gift Accounting in the Office of University Advancement.  Gift checks need to be sent or delivered to Gift Processing Services at Alumni Hall.

Can I use the reporting functionality in CashPro?

Yes, but you may NOT print or download any copies of checks.  See the Bank of America Scanner Guide page 23.

What do I do with the check(s) once I scan them?

The checks must be retained based on the Records Management guidance.  It is best practice to attach a copy of the checks that are included in the deposit to the Ad Hoc Bank Transaction (AHBT).  You can find directions on finding the image in CashPro HERE.

How do I transmit a deposit?

See the Bank of America Scanner Guide page 11.

How do I enter the declared deposit amount?

See the Bank of America Scanner Guide page 10.

How do I view deposits?

See the Bank of America Scanner Guide page 18.

Where should I put my scanner?

See the Bank of America Scanner Guide page 4.

How do I maintain my scanner?

See the Bank of America Scanner Guide page 29.

Is there a limit on the number of checks I can send through the scanner at one time?

Yes - Deposits are limited to 500 items - 499 checks and one deposit ticket/credit record.  There is no limit to the number of deposits that you can submit each day.

Can I rescan a check?

The original item cannot be re-deposited.  If an item is returned, the Image Replacement Document (IRD) may be rescanned through Remote Deposit Service Online or brought to a branch for processing. The IRD is MICR encoded with a valid MICR line, and is considered a legal document. 

  • Items are subject to return rules and only items returned for NSF may be re-deposited. 
  • The item may show as a duplicate on Remote Deposit Service Online - meaning the scanner would have recognized that it already scanned a similar item.  The duplicate can be overridden.
  • The item must not have been already represented. 
Can I scan foreign checks?

Only US dollar items, drawn on domestic banks, to US dollar accounts may be captured through Remote Deposit Service Online. 

Can I scan money orders or non-standard formatted checks?

Money orders are not consistently formatted across all issuers.  As a result many are too light, too dark or printed on non-standard check stock.  Due to these variations, scanners ma have a difficult time reading the money order amount fields or recognizing the documents as money orders. The amount field can be manually entered and the item classified as the item is scanned by the user.  The same process holds true for other non-standard checks that have busy backgrounds or are taller than business and consumer checks and the scanner is looking for the amount in a pre-defined field, however due to the excess height, the amount field may not be read.  The user may override the reject; however there is a risk of the item being returned for image quality failure. 

What is duplicate detection? 

Remote Deposit Services Online provides duplicate detections a the company level.  As items are scanned, the application will validate to see if another item with the same account, amount, serial number, and ABA number has been previously scanned in the last 45 calendar days.  If a duplicate is detected, the operator may override the item if it is not a true duplicate or remove the item from the processing system. 

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