The reports listed on this pdf are helpful in Account Certification

This pdf illustrates how to find your Account Certifications in Workday.

You will not see planned expenses in your Account Certification.  You will only see transactions that have been posted to the worktag combination you are reconciling.  To monitor planned expenses, you can run the Details for Account Certification report, but change the Ledger Account from Actuals to Obligation.

Notifications will be sent in Workday for Account Certifications.  They will come to your Notifications, the bell icon, on your Workday home page. 


The role of examiner is no longer part of the account certification process. In the past, the examiner was formally part of the reconciliation process.  If you still need another set of eyes on the reconciliation, those people that were examiners before can pull reports in Workday like the General Ledger Details report to view all the transactions that occurred in the period being reconciled.  

The Account Certification Business Process will not be kicked off until after the month-end close, which means you will not be able to begin working on your Account Certifications early.  You can pull the General Ledger Details report for your Account Certification worktag combinations to see the transactions that have been posted at any time.

The Workday FIN Security FAQ covers frequently asked questions surrounding Workday Finance Security.

These descriptions attempt to describe the new finance security roles based upon common work role within a unit (cost center).  

The attached pdf provides information on Fund Balance Ownership through the transition to Workday Financials.

The FDM Validator provides the ability to validate FDM worktags, and print barcode and QR code representations of the FDM set. Stay tuned for more information. FDM Validator will replace the current Oracle PTAO Card Generator