Book Airfare

How to book, pay for, and change/cancel airfare

Log onto TravelUVA
  • Airfare can be booked through TravelUVA's online booking tool or directly with a CBT agent.
    • CBT Agent Team:
    • *Note: An agent fee is assessed when booking directly through a CBT agent. There is no fee for booking through TravelUVA's online booking tool (Concur). 
  • From the AirPortal dashboard, select "Book Travel" on the left, and then "Book/Manage Online Trips" to access the Concur online booking tool.
  • Private or chartered air travel is permitted when authorized by the traveler's dean or vice president prior to making the purchase. All private and chartered air travel must be handled by a PSDS buyer and purchased with a Purchase Order. Documented Pre-approval should be attached to the request to the buyer. (For use of the University airplane, see PRM-001, Use of University Airplane or Private Air Transportation Service.)
  • International Travel
    • Complicated itineraries, including multi-destinations may be more easily booked by contacting a CBT agent at 844-4UVA-CBT (844-488-2228) or by emailing
    • Travelers are responsible for determining their passport, visa, and vaccination requirements for final destinations as well as transit airports.
    • Travel to sanctioned countries must be booked with a travel agent after obtaining an authorization number from the office of export controls at
Enter Cities & Dates
  • Select Round Trip, One Way, or Multi City.
  • Enter Departure City and Arrival City.
  • Enter Depart Date and Return Date.
  • Select "Search".
Shop & Select
  • Select the tab above the flight options to "Shop by Fares" or "Shop by Schedule".
  • UVA contracted airlines will be listed as "Preferred", and the UVA negotiated rates will automatically be shown in the results.
  • Basic economy fares are not available in Concur. Though the ticket price of a basic economy ticket may be less than a standard economy fare, the benefits and protections offered by UVA’s contracts with American, Delta, and United far outweigh the small difference in fare. Basic economy is discouraged for University travel.
  • It is not recommended to mix airline carriers, especially on the same direction of a trip.
  • Usually, non-refundable airline tickets are recommended. Non-refundable tickets are usually a fraction of the cost of refundable tickets and most non-refundable airline tickets are reusable (some with a change fee) in the case of a cancellation. Please keep in mind that airline tickets are non-transferrable and must be used by the same person whose name is on the original ticket.
  • Justification and approval of the supplemental approver are required for:
    • Domestic business or first class ticket purchases
    • International first class ticket purchases
    • Airline upgrades costing more than $350
Review and Reserve
  • Review your flight selection
  • Review your traveler information
  • Select seats
  • Review price
  • Select method of payment
    • The Travel and Expense card is the preferred method of payment.
    • *Note: Expenses paid with airline miles, credit card points, personal unused ticket credits, gift cards, or similar are not reimbursable.
  • Select "Reserve Flight and Continue"
  • If you need to change or cancel your reservation:
    • The reservation may be changed or canceled through TravelUVA's Concur online booking tool or directly with CBT.
    • You must cancel air travel prior to the flight departure in order to retain the flight credit. Most airlines will allow you to reuse the credit for up to one year from the date of ticket issuance (some with a change fee). If you are not able to access Concur or CBT to cancel the ticket, please do so directly with the airline to retain the credit.
  • To add a car or hotel to your itinerary:
    • Cars and hotels can be added to an existing air itinerary by selecting the confirmed itinerary from the “MY TRIPS” section on the Concur landing page. In the top right corner there is a section called “Add to your itinerary” which will allow you to shop for car or hotel reservations. This will allow you to have a single itinerary with all trip details included.
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