FST Communication Resources

Communication Overload: Navigating the sea of info for what you need to know

How many unread emails are currently sitting in your inbox?  Are you all caught up on the news notifications pinging your mobile phone?  When was the last time you got to sit down and read an in-depth informative piece on something you're interested in?  

The flow of information just about work-related matters has probably gotten heavier for all of us since we've gone remote:  we have all the same pressures and projects to keep up with, PLUS all of the new issues related to our changing world situation.  That makes it even harder for you to keep up with what you need to know about Finance Strategic Transformation at a time when decisions are happening more frequently, and your feedback is needed more than ever before. 

The FST Coms team has put together the resource below so you can make the best choices on keeping up to date on the project in the most efficient way possible.  . 

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communication channels

A note or two about these channels: 

  • The Website (where you are now!) has the best "high-level" view of the FST project. 
  • The UVAFinance blog has quick updates, and if you click on Finance Strategic Transformation in the labels to your right on this page, you'll always get the latest FST info.  We particularly encourage you to check out "5 Things to Know about FST" (there is an edition of this every other week)
  • We copy the latest FST Updates over to the FST website on this page, every other week.
  • Looking for EVERYTHING on a particular topic or workstream?  Dive into the Online Community, where you can see documents, slides, and you can also ask questions and share ideas. 
  • Got some time while you do another mundane task?  Tune in to the WFST Podcast for the same updates we do every other week on the blog!

The FST Coms team is happy to tailor pieces and channels for your school or unit's needs, so please reach out to Brandi Van Ormer if you have ideas or questions!