AP Tips & Tricks Part II

Director of Disbursements Amanda Lockhart Davis asked her team to share some of their top suggestions for smoother sailing when working with AP transactions.  

Invoice/Payment Research:

You can see when/how a payment was made on an invoice by clicking the “activity” tab.

Invoice Payment Status Lookup:  https://invoices.uvafinance.virginia.edu/

  • When to use which registration form in Payment Works:
    -         A supplier registration form is used when a person is doing business as themselves or a                             company is providing goods or services to the University

    -         An individual payee is a person receiving payment for:
    •  being a research participant
    •  reimbursement
    •  a monetary gift from the University
    •  a royalty payment 
    •  an honorarium from the University
    •  a stipend as a Pre / Post Doc Fellow or Grad Student
  • The first thing anyone should do is look in Payment Works to see if a company or person is registered before placing any orders and invite them to register if they are not registered already.

T&E Card: 
  • If a cardholder says that they have “received a reimbursement by mistake”, these are keywords to identify that they may have incorrectly submitted their T&E Card transactions in Workday causing an accidental reimbursement to be sent to themselves. If a cardholder submits a receipt on an expense report without selecting a T&E card transaction, they will reimburse themselves instead of correctly expensing the card transactions. The following link provides instructions to correct it: https://uvafinance.virginia.edu/resources/how-do-i-correct-accidental-reimbursement
  • Cardholders have access to view their T&E Card account in Bank of America Works. We have updated the following instructions that will cardholders with viewing their T&E Card transactions, billing information (phone number and address), card limits, and identifying why their card has been declined: https://uvafinance.virginia.edu/resources/bank-america-resources

Remember to Delegate Approvals When on Vacation/ Leave: Approvers must delegate their approval responsibilities when on vacation or leave. We've had numerous reports get "stuck" waiting for an approver who is away. This can cause cards to be suspended and delayed reimbursements. 

To delegate an approval, search My Delegations>> choose Manage Delegations>> Do Inbox Tasks on My Behalf >> For Business Process>> select Expense Report Event>> keep Retain Access box checked. This will have to route for approval, so we recommend approvers complete this process at least two business days ahead of planned leave.