Process of selecting direct deposit payment option
Common T&E Card actions including lost/stolen card, fraudulent charges, how to dispute a transaction, and how to use your T&E card for international travel.
Guidelines on when the T&E card may be used for non-eVA excluded items
How to prepare for using your credit card while traveling in another country.
Policy on staying at an Airbnb, VRBO, or other alternative lodging

When claiming per diem, meals cannot exceed the per diem rate for the location of travel. Meals provided at no-cost to the traveler, whether not purchased, provided as part of a conference package, paid for by another person, or claimed as a business meal, must be deducted from the per diem. Travelers will receive 75% of the per diem rate for the first and last day of travel regardless of the actual meals purchased. For trips involving multiple travel destinations, use the rate in effect for the location where the traveler spent the night. For the departure day, use the rate in effect for the

Virginia Sales and Tax Exemption Certificate.

This form is used to submit expenses for non-employee travel. Please follow the instructions on the form for submission and requirements.

T&E Card Refresher Training

Employee (Expense Owner) as Self Delegate for Employee/(Expense Owner Enters and Submits an Expense Report) process.

The slides for this course cover the key tasks that may be sent to you for approval as a Cost Center Manager and the details that need to be reviewed before determining if a request should be approved

This procedure covers the deposit of cash (checks, currency, and coin) when the receipts are credits or reimbursements deriving from previous disbursements for University business, where some portion of the payment is returned by the original recipient. In this case, the credit must be made to the original Worktag incurring the expense using a unique Credit Expenditure Type.

For use each time custodian disburses funds from Petty Cash. Multiple forms may be submitted with one Payment Voucher requesting reimbursement, but must always be submitted within 30 days of disbursement. Submit original as paper documentation along with print-out of the Integrated System Standard Report "UVA Payment Voucher" and itemized original receipts.

For payment voucher/direct payment of honoraria. Attach completed form to payment voucher. New: electronic signatures are accepted.

All payments for research participants must adhere to the requirements of the Institutional Review Board (IRB)


Making Research Trial Participation Payments

All payments for research participation must follow this procedure:

Compensation to Research Trial Participants.

The “Special Requirements” page specifically describes issues related to the Procurement Services process. The Human Subject Payments A-Z index is a great source of further information.


Cash Payments

Cash payments must be made with a Payment Voucher through the Integrated System for employees and

There are three basic types of food purchases that occur at UVA: catering, business meals, and supplies/food and drink. These categories are explained more fully below.

The University will not reimburse or pay for food purchases in recognition or in honor of particular individuals (e.g., birthday or wedding or baby showers). These meals are considered personal in nature.

Food/meal expenses that are permitted by University policy may not be allowable when paying with grants and other sponsored programs funding. Be sure to check with The Office of Sponsored Programs with any questions

Explanation of bona fide business purpose