Operating Budget

  • Where can I obtain a copy of this year's budget for my department?
    The Budget Summary is available on the web and copies of the University's approved budget are maintained in Alderman Library. You can obtain a copy of the budget by contacting the University Budget Office at or calling 434-924-3386.

Tuition and Fees Information

Tuition and mandatory fee rates, as well as a listing of components of mandatory fees for the current and previous academic years.
Current Multi-year Operating Financial Plan 

Current Multi-Year Financial Plan (June 2021)

Previous Years MYFP

Multi-Year Financial Plan (June 2018)


This source of funds is derived from the application of a negotiated indirect cost recovery percentage to grant and contract expenditures.  They represent the recovery of the fair share of the Facilities and Administrative costs of the University in support of sponsored programs activities.  The "F" parts of F&A include the costs of the buildings and equipment, utilities, the maintenance of buildings, and the cost of the University's libraries.  The "A" parts include central administration, school and departmental administration, and the Office of Sponsored Programs.  

F&A recoveries are


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Access to the tool is limited to users holding the responsibility of "Award Manager" or "Award Oversight 1 or 2," via Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, or Chrome, and requires Joint VPN.  

If you receive the message "no responsibilities found," you do not hold any award responsibility.  If you receive "page not found," your VPN filters are not correct.  Please make a request via the Help Desk to add the following Joint VPN filter to your permissions:  Departmental Servers - Contract Servers: VAMS.

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Financial Planning & Analysis posts budget instructions, forms, reference documents, and other widespread communications to the Budget Portal for users to access in one convenient location.  Users submit completed budget forms via the Budget Portal. 
FT Faculty
FT Staff
PT (20 - 29 hrs.)
Wage and other misc. payments
2022-23* 28.00% 37.70% 28.00% 6.80%
2021-22 27.70% 37.40% 27.70% 6.50%
2020-21 28.30% 38.10% 28.30% 6.30%
2019-20 28.90% 39.60% 28.90% 7.60%
2018-19 28.40% 39.40% 28.40% 6.10%
This procedure describes documentation on how departments should process requests for new revenue generating services and activities. It also states how often such services and activities will be reviewed and what criteria govern the review.
This document outlines the accounting procedures to be used by Recharge Centers. Recharge Centers are ongoing activities that provide goods or services to University departments, sponsored programs, or other institutional units/activities.