This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk users through the process(es) in Workday to ensure a new Cost Center is available to use in Adaptive Planning. When a new Cost Center is created in Workday, it is not immediately available in Adaptive Planning. The only way to get the Cost Center into Adaptive Planning is to complete a transaction. The preferred process is to enter any transaction that needs to be completed for the new Cost Center.

This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed to walk users through using the Tuition and Fees Portal to complete their Tuition & Fees Requests.

This document provides you with some Quick Tips to make your use of Adaptive more streamlined and efficient.

Please use the attached COI form as indicated in the policy.


University faculty and staff are subject to a variety of conflict of interest laws, regulations, and requirements depending on their official duties for the University and external financial relationships.  This website provides general information, references, and resources to assist you in meeting your personal obligations to comply with conflict of interest requirements as they related to procurement activities; it is not intended as legal advice and should not be construed as such.  Any questions regarding interpretation and application of laws and regulations should be dire

These slides cover details associated with Adaptive Planning and Workday.

The attached pdf provides information on Fund Balance Ownership through the transition to Workday Financials.

This guide is intended to provide detailed transaction information on funds transfers occurring across the University of Virginia. As updates are made to the document, a new version is distributed showing an updated version date in the header.

Tuition and mandatory fee rates, as well as a listing of components of mandatory fees for the current and previous academic years.
Annual Operating Budget Summaries and academic division budgets - current and historical
Financial Planning & Analysis posts budget instructions, forms, reference documents, and other widespread communications to the Budget Portal for users to access in one convenient location.  Users submit completed budget forms via the Budget Portal.