If you have a matter involving a UVA Medical Center Patient, please contact UVA Medical Center Risk Management & Insurance at 434-924-5595.

Procedures to follow when renting a vehicle

Campers Accidental Coverage provides coverage to participants of a University organized camp. Under this coverage, all registered campers are automatically covered while they participate in a university sponsored and supervised educational day and overnight camp activities. University departments hosting a camp session can contact the Office of Property & Liability Risk Management to coordinate coverage for the camp’s activities.

Information on liability insurance coverage for leased/rental vehicles

 In an effort to help expedite the property claim process, it is recommended that departments maintain a current inventory of University owned property i.e. furniture, electronics, office equipment, supplies, research materials etc. There is no need to record bulk items or items valued under $100, i.e. misc. office supplies, pens, copy paper, paper clips etc.

A Major Accident/Incident is one in which total damages may exceed $5,000 or any incident wherein bodily injury occurs.

If a Major Accident/Incident occurs, please take the additional following steps:

Time and Place of Accident:

Enter the Date, time, and specific address of accident.

The Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures (CAPP) Manual documents the policies and procedures associated with the Commonwealth's centralized accounting and financial systems. Topic No.

The University Accident Review Committee evaluates each accident in which a University-owned vehicle is involved and some accidents in which a rented or motorized-utility vehicle is involved. After thoroughly reviewing all of the material concerning each accident, the review committee determines whether the accident was Preventable, Not-Preventable, or an Incident, based upon the definitions of the criteria provided by the Department of State Police.

Certificate of Insurance and Proof of Coverage Requests

Departments engaged in activities involving outside parties may receive requests for the University's certificate of insurance or proof of coverage from these outside parties. The following will provide departments helpful information in managing these requests and instructions on how to request the certificate.

What do I do if I have a vehicle accident in a State owned or rented vehicle while on University business?

While at the scene of the accident:

This memo is to alert you to a potential problem with gifting items to the University from its various Foundations.

In most cases, fine arts or other items loaned to and taken into the care, custody and control of the University departments can be provided with coverage through the University's Property Insurance PlanPersonal items belonging to others that are at the University, but where there is no written documentation of being on loan and in the care, custody, or control of the University, are not covered under the University's Property coverage.

Contracts, agreements, and procurement provisions are reviewed by the Property & Liability Risk Management staff in an effort to protect the University from potential financial losses in its interactions with outside organizations. To do this, the following issues are reviewed:

Academic field trips enhance the learning experience for students and provide other valuable educational benefits. They also involve the potential for increased risk to participants and the University. The advice contained herein is designed to assist academic departments in managing and minimizing this potential increase in risk.

Auto Incident/Accident Claim

How to Report an Auto Incident/Accident Claim

(State Owned, Rented or Leased Vehicles)

Automobile accidents should be reported directly and immediately to:

University vehicles are for transportation in the most effective, efficient and safest way possible for University employees in the performance of their duties.

A University vehicle is defined as a licensed motorized device for land transportation owned, leased or rented by the University, State or any State agency.

The University has policies and procedures regarding drivers and University vehicles. It is the responsibility of each department to assure compliance with these. Please refer to the sections below for specific information.

Non-conventional vehicles are defined as any motorized vehicle, gas or electric powered that is used to transport people, equipment or other goods.  Some examples are but not limited to:  golf carts, ATVs, UTVs, riding mowers/tractors, 4-wheelers, off-road vehicles, Gators etc.

These vehicles should be operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications as well as in compliance with the laws governing their use on roadways:*

Code of Virginia, Title 46.2 Motor Vehicles, Chapter 8, Regulation of Traffic

This form is a request for a certificate of insurance, which needs to be submitted to the Property & Liability Risk Management Office one week prior to the date we need to provide it to you. 

  • If the student's permanent home address is other than their local address, both their local and permanent home addresses should be listed. The same applies to phone numbers.
  • Length of Service – the amount of time and dates the volunteer is authorized to act on behalf of the University in a volunteer capacity. If this time frame changes for any reason, this form should be updated accordingly.
  • A complete and accurate description of the volunteer's activities is important.