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Information for departments and suppliers in registering with PaymentWorks as a supplier for the University of Virginia.
Guidelines on when the T&E card may be used for non-eVA excluded items
My Customer is Requesting the University's W-9 Form, where can I obtain one? When a supplier needs UVA's IRS W-9 Information
Instructions on how to print a Purchase Order


Signature authority is a formal delegation that allows an individual to sign or otherwise enter into an agreement that legally binds the university to terms and conditions. This includes written contracts that bind or obligate the university to a financial or a non-financial commitment. Agreements signed by unauthorized employees or agents are not valid and do not bind the university.

Governing Statues for Procurement of Goods & Services in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
How to purchase furniture
Best practices for completing a purchase order (PO)
Login information and the link to view UVA contracts
Details on shipping and mail contracts and tips for how to save on shipping costs
Procedure for selecting a moving company for employee relocation



Skilled Services vs. Preceptor Services

There is now an expenditure type “Svcs, Skilled Other Preceptor” which should only be used for medical preceptors.  However, it is easy to accidentally choose this expenditure type when intending to choose “Svcs, Skilled, Other”.  Please be careful to choose the correct one.


eVA is the Commonwealth of Virginia's electronic vendor registration and purchasing system that provides a standardized, transparent source of public procurement information. The University does not purchase goods and services directly through eVA, but is required to send purchase data to eVA. All transactions, including the University's, incur fees to support the maintenance of the system.

Note: The following applies only to vendors providing goods and services to UVA. It does not apply to individuals registering as payees with UVA in order to be paid a reimbursement.